Famous UFO researcher found a humanoid on fresh photos of Mars

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Известный уфолог нашел гуманоидов на свежем фото Марса

Recognized ufologist, conspiracy theorist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring from Taiwan found another anomaly on images of the red planet, taken by the American Mars Rover «Kyuriositi.» January 11 this year, the robot NASA photographed on Mars two low humanoid creatures that disguised themselves as rocks. Looking at the below picture, you can clearly see the mysterious humanoid figure .

«Thick and thin» – so one could describe our «heroes» as the Martian on the left clearly has a fat physique, while the guy to the right of the skinny as a stick. And suddenly it’s individuals different types, and met here accidentally caught in the lens of the camera «Curiosity»? Or maybe it does and is about small stone sculptures? The Waring believes that it’s still not the living creatures, namely sculpture. That’s what the UFO researcher writes:

Still don’t believe in the existence of civilization on Mars? In this case, take a look at this photo from its surface. It clearly demonstrates the two humanoids standing next to each other. It is impossible to say if they’re living beings or statues, but I guess it is still talking about the sculptures that are there already many millions of years. Remember the residents of Pompeii who were buried under a layer of ash after the eruption of Vesuvius? They have become like petrified statues. Perhaps, once on the red planet there was a similar cataclysm, and these create small humanoid froze in place, turning from time to fossils.

Известный уфолог нашел гуманоидов на свежем фото Марса

Will not apply to the skeptics with their boring everyone already parabolicheskoi illusion, let us remember, what they say about conspiracy theorists. In their view, humans have long fly to Mars in the framework of joint programs with aliens. And all these Rovers and the official Mars mission NASA is nothing more than red herrings to the public. Assuming all this, believing in numerous insider revelation (read, for example, the materials of the site «Divine Cosmos» by David Wilcock), we can say that the photo with humanoid figures on the red planet — is not so fabulous, if Mars really was and still exists a highly developed civilization…

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