Walking in the Park, the pair accidentally fell into another dimension

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Гуляя в парке, пара случайно попала в другое измерение

Hocking hills, a national Park located in Ohio, is a fabulously beautiful place. Here you can see a large waterfall and a mysterious cave, scenic cliffs and lush forests. But the 29-year-old resident of Pennsylvania named Danny and his friend Sierra had, in addition, to see and experience in this Park is something they still can’t find an explanation…

The usual walk in the Park Hocking hills

In September of 2008. young couple on the whole day went on a journey through the Park. It was not their first visit to Hocking Hills. Was Sunny and very pleasant weather. The Park has several routes for hikers, they mostly are around waterfalls, caves and along a large stream .

First, says Danny, we moved from route to route, that is simply wandered here and there, and then chose one and moved on it. However, we soon found that the trail disappeared into the water and therefore impassable. To go the other way, we crossed the main road. On one side towered in the distance the tower Ranger with the included upstairs the spotlight; she also served as a fire tower.

Гуляя в парке, пара случайно попала в другое измерение

Us, continues Danny, met a lot of people, including youth groups. It was the same travelers like us.

The first strangeness Park

It all started around noon. Coming out of the forest, we were on the trail and suddenly noticed that the fire tower was visible beyond the trees, enveloped in a kind of muddy film. At the same time we felt in the air a strange smell, but failed to determine its source and nature. The light from the searchlight on the tower became very dim, and then around us a huge number of flies.

Commenting on these oddities, we at some point turned to the path, which I didn’t before, and went through it directly to the tower Rangers, and then to a forest of rare trees. Then we realized that for a long time not see people; came a strange feeling of separation not just from other tourists, but just isolated from them.

Furthermore, we suddenly became very cold. Day, as I have said, was warm, and we were dressed accordingly, it’s easy, but entering into the forest of rare trees, felt a strong chill, which literally began to tremble. Nevertheless, we continued to walk along the path, and Siera drew attention to the fact that all around gets darker and darker.

According to our concepts, we had long been out of the woods, but he never over. We tried in vain to find at least one reference point to understand where we actually are.

Mobile communications were absent in the Park

Panicky by, Siera pulled out his smart phone to the GPS to verify our location, but the battery is suddenly fully discharged. My phone was almost in the same condition and reported that mobile connectivity is unavailable.

Became darker, and we all continued on their way. Then we noticed that the dark and cold has added an unusual silence. The only sounds that could be heard in the Park were the sounds of our own footsteps. All this really scared us.

Гуляя в парке, пара случайно попала в другое измерение

When we came down from a low hill, the world around us plunged into twilight, and the cold was even greater. Finally frightened, we ran to the side. It is strange that during his wanderings we never thought to turn back.

In General, we randomly ran from the hill side and saw a few tall bushes that grew at a small distance from each other. Between the bushes was the passage, and they resembled the gates. And just as we through the bushes slipped, the world has changed beyond recognition.

Return to home dimension

Instantly turn on the sunlight blinding us, cold is replaced by summer warmth, and all around was filled with the sounds of nature. Imagine that from a cold and gloomy basement, you ran into the warm, brightly lit street!.. It was very similar to our feelings.

We immediately recognized the place where he found himself in such a miraculous way. The area was called «Cave man», and there are always crowds of people admiring the great waterfalls and the wide stone cliff in the shape of the letter U.

We turned in the direction from which you just came. Two high-Bush was in place, but now behind him, he saw the sunlit grove.

Our skin was still cold and wet when we got their smartphones. They worked and the connection was, and the clock showed that our amazing walk lasted 4 hours!

Of course, we tried to rationally explain his adventure, but was in complete disarray. Then we walked several times back and forth between the bushes behind them rustled gently in the solar grove – and there was nothing that resembled a cold, dark and silent forest. By the way, the path that led us through it, too, disappeared as if it never happened. When he reached the fire tower, we saw a bright light without any dark spots and pungent odor.

We never know where and how he found himself on that fateful day, but to experience it was horrible. In the evening, sitting in the restaurant, we were still in the power of strong impressions. I jokingly suggested that we perhaps were in the realm of fairies. But then very seriously added, as well, that we were allowed to leave.

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