Australia was the most brilliant fast radiospire

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В Австралии зарегистрирована наиболее яркая быстрая радиовспышка

March 9 astronomers from the Australian Observatory, Parkes saw the most vivid radiospace (FRB) ever was. FRB is a millisecond flash, appearing in the radio that correspond to some action in an unfamiliar scholar universe. For the first time the phenomenon manifested itself in 2001.

But after six years it was noticed by the experts. After that, astronomers have recorded more than thirty other such events that took place once. Once the phenomenon was discovered again, in this connection, the team was able to find the galaxy where it happened.

The origin of the other formations of this class is still considered an unsolved mystery to all. At the same time, if you start from the assumptions of researchers, the phenomenon is linked to the disasters occurring in outer space and activates the neural view of stars and black holes.

Amazing FRB, spotted by Australian astronomers caught their eye, along with other outbreaks. C 1 March 11, the brightest, and the other flash was just struck by experts, since such phenomena are extremely rare to happen with surprising frequency and they are not easy to notice.

It is believed that in fact, such outbreaks are very common, but astronomers are not able to record them whenever they occur, because telescopes are not yet quite perfect.

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