Insidious «edible» mushroom pig-face

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Коварный «съедобный» гриб свинушка

Soviet citizens have always had a particular love for mushrooms. Some collected them for himself, the other handed over to collection points for further industrial processing. But in 1981. the population stopped to take a mushroom with a funny name «pig-face»…

Ban the pig-face for the reception from the public

In June of 1981. USSR Ministry of health officially banned the reception svinushek of the population, as evidenced by the document «Sanitary rules on preparation and processing of mushrooms». The pig disappeared from the roster are approved for harvesting. But the people stubbornly continued to collect them for their domestic preparations, why three years later, at the insistence of the Deputy chief sanitary doctor of the country the pig was listed in the category of toxic .

Why edible pig died a nerd?

The first dangerous properties of these mushrooms revealed in 1944. the German botanist Julius Schaeffer. The scientist ate pig and after two weeks he died of acute kidney failure. However, the mystery figured out mushrooms (only in the mid 80-ies of the last century), famous Swiss physician Rene Flummer, which then wrote that Julius Schaeffer died not because poisoned dish of svinushek, but because, apparently, loved to eat these mushrooms. However, at the time, as we have said, in the USSR, the pig was already banned.

Коварный «съедобный» гриб свинушка

The mystery of the crafty pig

Many Soviet hunters, including experienced, willingly collected the pig-face (and still collect) and safely used in food, not feeling after a meal, characteristic symptoms of poisoning. This circumstance, as they argued, and argued edible fungi data. In fact, the pig is not just toxic but also very tricky, because many contain specific toxins, not collapsing, even with repeated and prolonged cooking.

If pig are eaten regularly, the toxins in the body accumulate. Although the signs of acute toxicity in humans, the poison does its dirty work: it causes the appearance of antibodies that destroy blood cells – erythrocytes. The result may be jaundice, anemia, kidney and liver disease. Death can come at any time, it does not even need another batch of mushrooms (as happened with a German botanist). Thus, the pig-face can be compared to a ticking time bomb, and therefore considered edible, this mushroom is in any case impossible.

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