A real cosmic sound. Voices Of Galaxies

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Реальное космическое звучание. Голоса Галактик

Physicists believe that space megaworld dominates utter silence. According to this accurate the science of sound can occur only in the elastic medium as a result of mechanical oscillations of the waves. In accordance with the dogmas of the scientists sound wave cannot travel through the vacuum of space. Due to the absence of an elastic medium in outer space is the lack of sound, the so-called cosmic silence. But is it really? Wrong whether it is physical performance even with the Newtonian era of the 18th century about the world and the properties of Space are quite unknown?

With the development of modern space technology, when in 1989 the orbit of the Earth has launched another satellite called Voyager, the researchers were able to document not just chaotic sound, and amazingly interwoven melodies produced by Jupiter and Saturn.

In the course of further measurements and research of sound it turned out that outer space is literally riddled with all sorts of sounds. Each planet emits a wave with a certain frequency. These planetary waves move through the vacuum due to acoustic levitation. Modern researchers came to the conclusion that in fact the Universe has a wave structure.

Earth, like other planets in our system formed from the Solar nebula some 4.5 billion years ago, and the simplest life on our planet originated about 3.5 billion years ago. The era of humanity on Earth it is only 30 thousand years ago. Recently on our planet increasingly began to record an unexplained rumble. Maybe the Earth itself, without Human influence, conscious creation, and in this way communicates with the other sentient planets Universe?

In all the creeds say about the primacy of sound at the origin of the world. In the Christian Bible States that first there was the word of the Lord, which God created our Universe. In ancient Indian religion — Hinduism the universe was born the start of the divine sound «Om». Islam teaches that Allah «turned to the heaven when it was smoke …» (Quran 41:11).

On the basis of the research of the official science assumes that our universe was created 13 billion years ago in a Big cosmic explosion, likely accompanied by a tremendously powerful sound. Charged particles with enormous speed from the epicenter began to scatter in different directions, and still fly in space, colliding with each other and attracted to each other, forming in the course of the movement of the nebula, new stars and galaxies and planets. So there was our milky Way galaxy, whose borders are expanding every second in the overall infinite flight of billions of charged particles of the universe. That’s probably where the primacy of sound in the religions of the world.

Sound is one of the types of energy surrounding humanity. It is possible that acoustic energy can be used for ultrasonic levitation flying devices of new generation. For example, the UFO eyewitnesses claim that the alien ships are moving absolutely silently to the human ear, while capable of incredibly fast maneuvering in space. It is simple to explain, suffice it to recall high-school physics, where you specify a very narrow range for human hearing from infrasound 20 Hz to sverhdorogie pain sensitivity ultrasound 20,000 Hz.

Outside available people frequencies the sound is still there, but not perceived by the human ear. However, a person entire body can feel infrasound in the range of 2 to 20 Hz. Scientific measurements showed that the internal organs emit vibrations in the same range. In the process a serious disease of man is the coincidence of frequencies of the organs that cause internal resonance, and then the capillaries begin to burst, and the internal organs to burst. Or, for example, powerful acoustic wave from the explosion of bombs in the First world war and the Great Patriotic war killed many people, even within a completely intact bomb shelters. Ultra-low frequencies, capable of stopping the heart. They are used in modern psychotronic (psi generator) and neurosurgeon weapons.

For the first time during a scientific experiment with sound at the beginning of the twentieth century a brilliant physicist Nikola Tesla brought into a state of vibration of a two-storey house, and the city officially recorded at this point, a weak earthquake. The great Serbian inventor was sure that you can create a powerful system radiation ultra-low infrasonic waves, which will be able to split an entire earth continent.

Ultrasound with its ultra high frequency vibrations and infrasound, are also having a tremendous impact on living organisms. According to the theory of wave genome ultrasonic waves greatly influence intrinsic acoustic information of DNA molecules. The structure of the human gene are able to sound, and has its own distinctive sound. When 60,000 nucleotides contained in one molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid human body influences artifacts representing the ultrasound, it literally breaks apart complex spiral of DNA.

Power sound beautiful classical music, gentle sympathetic voice, positive attitude mantras and sacred prayers, on the contrary, restores the structure of cells and even able to charge the water, giving the microcrystals liquid smooth and beautiful structure, resembling snowflakes.

The sound vibration gave rise to the universe, but it can and destroy everything. Everyone keeps vibrating particle of this primordial sound. The choice is always for people to vibrate in harmony with the planets, star systems, Space or enter in resonance with a dangerous sonic weapon developed by man to himself death of such creatures.

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