Riddles Chand Baori

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Загадки Чанд Баори

During existence of human civilisation there have been many monumental structures that can claim the title of wonder of the world. One such architectural monuments is the well of Chand Baori, which is located in the territory of India. Every year this place attracts large number of tourists, scholars and pilgrims, as it is one of the mystical and most beautiful buildings in the world.

What is the well of Chand Baori

This structure, according to scientists, is a well which was built to supply the surrounding areas with clean water. Is this miracle of architecture in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the city Abhaneri. This area has a very arid climate, besides constantly there is a shortage of drinking water. The well is a man-made structure, reminiscent of an inverted stepped pyramid. It is designed in such a way that during a rain the water collects at the bottom and lasts a long time. To get down the stairs that descend to the water, moving from level to level. Only in this inverted pyramid has 13 levels, leading down, each of which consists of 7 steps. The total number of stages exceeds 3 thousand, and the whole depth of the well is greater than 3 dozen meters, of which about 10 is water.

If you get closer to the cyclopean structure from the outside, it won’t seem so monumental and can be seen only the walls and buildings surrounding it, not of particular interest. But, if you get inside, the view offers a spectacular view.

The building was built specifically to supply the inhabitants of the surrounding areas with drinking water throughout the year. The well played an important role in people’s lives, as this area has a very arid climate and irregular precipitation, it only rains 2-3 months of the year.

It should be noted that the construction played so well and sacred role on one of its walls is a spacious temple, while the other 3 are the tiers with steps. To go there only after bathing in the water of the well. It is the fact that a large number of pilgrims perform their ablutions in it for a long time, was the cause of water pollution. So for a long time it is not used for drinking, as it can lead to infection with parasites, or infectious disease.

The mystery of the appearance of the well

The time of construction of well of Chand Baori still not precisely defined. Some researchers believe that it was built before our era, while others tend to believe that the construction appeared already in the 9-10 century ad.

Special attention is given the architecture of the well. It is still unknown how the structure has been designed with such precision and given the large number of technical parameters. Accuracy and symmetry of all the lines is able to capture the imagination of any man in this place. Unknown the expert architects were able to make it so that the water accumulated in the well during the entire rainy period, adding more water and groundwater. And when it was dry weather, the water remained at the bottom until the next period of rainfall and was suitable for use. To achieve this effect, the design of the structure, it was necessary to take into account many parameters, so construction of Chand Baori was extremely difficult, requiring a large number of engineering calculations and material resources.

When you look at the well you can see how carefully it was processed and lined – all series of stages are arranged in a strict geometrical symmetry with respect to each other and floors. Therefore, the overall picture well really able to capture the imagination.

The appearance of this building is as steeped in secrets. According to legend, the well was created in just one night the king named Chand, who belonged to a race of demons and rules the surrounding lands. It was in honor of him, the building got its name as the second word «Maori» denotes the well.

Anyway, so far it is not known the exact date of the appearance of monumental constructions, as that is exactly how the construction was carried out. Some researchers of anomalous phenomena believe that this well was constructed by means of certain technologies is not available now humanity is a highly developed ancient civilization. This may explain the fact that such a complex from an engineering point of view the object was constructed in ancient times.

As incomprehensible to the end and reason of creation of this object, for easy storage of freshwater Chand Baori looks too big. Currently, the well is visited by many tourists and locals coming to worship in the temple. But it is worth remembering that the stage of construction pose a considerable danger for the lifetime of Chand Baori a lot of people fell down and died.

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