Hunting for APE-like creature in Illinois in 1940-ies

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Sometimes, in order to obtain more information about the Bigfoot phenomenon and to find little-known cases meeting with this creature, it is enough to read collections of journals 60-70 years ago. In this case, the Western journals.

So, from the notes of the American magazine «Hoosier Folklore» from 1947, you can see that in southern Illinois a lot of people regularly saw an unidentified large APE-like creature that looks like a «strange» baboon. Further excerpt from the notes:

«Here in southern Illinois, there are legends about the strange beast. Community members repeatedly reported on the observation of the beast in the center of the stream. Despite the fact that it is difficult to say when I started these observations, the story apparently goes back to the event in 1941 near the river Gum Creek near mount Vernon. In the summer of 1941 local preacher was hunting squirrels, when a very large animal, like a monkey jumped from the tree next to him.»

Охота на обезьяноподобное существо в Иллинойсе в 1940-х годах

It is further reported that the beast began to approach the preacher on two legs, absolutely like a man, a scared man pulled out a revolver and fired several shots into the air to scare off the animal. He succeeded, but the unusual monkey didn’t get very far.

Soon she began to see other local residents, and even more to hear her screams from the forest. About strange forest the screams reported by the group of students, and the hunters saw in the forest unusual tracks, like the tracks of local animals.

In 1942, something that attacked the dog of a farmer in the village of Bonnie and tore it apart. By the time many people lived in fear and finally come to the end of their patience. Soon they organized a «massive hunt» and it was something similar to attack the peasants with pitchforks and torches in Frankenstein monster from the horror movie. But despite this, the animal has managed to elude hunters.

Shortly thereafter, the motorist who was driving by night along the river the big muddy in Jackson County in the same Il, I saw the road in front of the car, quickly crossed the a strange animal. Moved it is also unusual to have very large jumps every 20-40 feet (6-12 meters!).

It is possible that this was the elusive «baboon», and perhaps the American equivalent of British ghosts, «Jack jumping».

It is difficult to say how many there were hunters or groups of hunters armed with nets, shotguns and ropes. But they went through all the places previously seen or heard this animal, or saw his footprints. They wanted to catch him alive, but they failed. The monster disappeared and it became impossible to tell who he was, escaped from a circus baboon, Bigfoot or something else.

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