The famous actors talk about what they had seen ghosts

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Some people immediately accept the existence of ghosts, while the others have then for weeks to sleep with the lights on. Oddly enough, that of the actors it is the characters of the fighters lose presence of mind when faced with the inexplicable.

Jean Claude van-Damme, «Mr. Muscles from Brussels,» admits that his eerily startled the appearance of a Ghost in the bathroom mirror:

«Suddenly I was seized with chills. I turned and thought, “I had a vision or something like that.” It was bluish-white in color, and the body was as if made of mist. From that moment on I believed in ghosts».

Jean-Claude van Damme (right) and Nicolas cage. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Знаменитые актеры рассказывают о том, что видели привидения

Movie star Nicolas cage, who played a brave guy in movies like «Without a face», «windtalkers» and «Lord of war», admits that he saw a Ghost in the house of his uncle Francis Ford Coppola.

«I lived in the attic, walls, scratching bats. Once I almost fell asleep, when suddenly the door opened and in the doorway stood the pitchy silhouette of a woman with high hair. I thought it was my aunt came to say goodbye with me at night. So I said “Goodnight” and she said nothing in reply.

She then went to me. At first I froze from fear, and then uttered a bloodcurdling scream and threw my pillow. Then she was gone. Can I say that I saw a Ghost? I still don’t know. But I saw something that shocked me».

The hero of «the Matrix» Keanu Reeves may have been a Messianic hero who saved the world in the virtual space, but he still wakes up terrified when a nightmare he dreams of a meeting with the Ghost, which in fact happened to him in childhood.

«I lived in new Jersey when he saw and felt the presence of a Ghost. I remember being in my room, a figure in a white double-breasted suit. But neither the torso or legs. This something appeared in my room, and then disappeared.

I just stared at this phenomenon, and then he looked at his nanny who was in the same shock. I then long could not sleep, and still see each other in dreams and nightmares».

Keanu Reeves (left) and Richard Dreyfuss. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Знаменитые актеры рассказывают о том, что видели привидения

Richard Dreyfuss, star of «Jaws» and «Close encounters of the third kind», met a Ghost, who cured him of his addiction to cocaine.

«In the late 1970s, when I was in a car accident, I felt on the verge. Since then, every night for me was the image of a little girl. I couldn’t get rid of this vision. Every day it was becoming more pronounced, I could not understand what the hell is going on. I have not had children, I was single.

Then I realized that maybe it was my daughter, who is not yet born, and perhaps also that it was the image of a child who, fortunately, was not killed when I had an accident. I immediately sobered up. I have still no baby, but, look, it worked».

Even the Queen of thrillers can be frightened when comes face to face with the unexplained phenomenon in real life. In their experience, the star of «Scream» Neve Campbell when she bought a house in Hollywood without checking its history.

«It turns out that before I bought the house six years ago, it was a murder. I have visited friends and I went out to the kitchen, leaving them in the living room. At this point in the living room became a woman, and at first they thought that I was back so quickly. At that time I was in the kitchen, and then they saw a woman who was murdered there. The previous owner was performing an exorcism, but I don’t think it helped.»

Rumor has it that just a few months after moving, the former famous couple Ethan hawke and Uma Thurman was forced to leave his dream home, a mansion of the eighteenth century in Snedens Landing, new York, due to the fact that it was an unexplained accident.

It seems they are too scared of what they saw and experienced in this house because they did not want to think about it even after he returned to his peaceful old Manhattan apartment.

Uma Thurman and Tim Robbins. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Знаменитые актеры рассказывают о том, что видели привидения

Someone might think that life in the house that was formerly a Church, guarantees peace and tranquility. However, Tim Robbins, star of the psychological drama «Jacob’s Ladder», writer and Director of the film (ironically) titled «Dead man walking» hurriedly ran away from his new apartment, where obviously lived an evil spirit.

«It was in Los Angeles in 1984. I just moved into a new apartment. It was in the former Church, which was reconstructed and converted into a dwelling house. I have lived two cats. I haven’t even had time to unpack, they remained in boxes throughout the apartment.

One evening I came home, it was dark, and the cats acted very strangely, as if he was scared. The atmosphere in the room was eerie, the room was clearly haunted. Then I looked at the wall, and the whole thing was infested with cockroaches. I went out the next day.»

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