Reptilian fingers English nobility

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The three middle fingers on the hands of the Duchess of Cambridge have the same length, writes The Sun.

Journalists photographed Kate Middleton during a visit to an elementary school of Oxford, where she met with children who have overcome the difficulties of mental disorders, and their parents. In the photographs, where the Duchess is holding a small black clutch, seen that the middle, ring and index fingers on her right hand look identical.

Рептилоидные пальцы английской знати

Photo: Arthur Edwards — WPA Pool / Getty Images

This is rare, as most people have the middle finger longer than index and ring.

In March, the head of the center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London Dr. Julian De Silva compared the face Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Zara Phillips, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie with the law «the perfection of physical beauty» on the Golden section.

The proportions of the bride of Prince Harry received 87.4 percent. Second place went to Kate Middleton, scoring 86.8%. The third position is Zara Phillips with 81.6%.

The Golden section is a mathematical ratio developed by the ancient Greeks to «measure beauty».


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