The remains of a creature similar to the Loch ness monster, washed up on the beach in Georgia

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Останки существа, похожего на Лох-несское чудовище, выбросило на пляж в Джорджии

The remains of the animal, suspiciously similar to the legendary Nessie, washed on one of the beaches the American island of Saint Simons, Georgia. Local resident Jeff Warren says that he went recently with his son in a national marine sanctuary «wolf island», here the man and the boy suddenly noticed on the shore is a striking creature .

At first the witnesses thought that the monster is still breathing, but then cautiously approached and realized that waterfowl animal shows no signs of life. The Warren captured such an unusual find for photos and videos, and then contacted local biologists and journalists.

This strange creature was like a miniature replica of the Loch ness monster, says Jeff.

Despite the relatively small size of the creature, is indeed reminiscent of the famous inhabitant of a Scottish Loch of Loch ness. Many believe Nessie is a long-surviving plesiosaur and was found on St. Simons remains also appear as waterfowl reptile that lived on Earth from approximately Triassic Cretaceous periods. The creature has a long neck and tail, small head with sharp-toothed jaws, barrel-shaped body and massive fins. That is not a seal, Dolphin or shark, clear as day.

The total length of the animal does not exceed half a meter. Of course, this being enough for the ancient marine reptiles like the plesiosaur, but cryptozoologists believe that it could be about the baby.

Video: the Remains of a creature similar to the Loch ness monster, washed up on the beach in Georgia

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