The prophecies of the Holy elders about the future of Russia

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Пророчества святых старцев о будущем России

…The air is filled with foreboding, namely the Third world war. What will happen with Russia and with all of us? Perhaps that is why many people are increasingly turning to the prophecies, which today is very much – from oracles from around the world, say, Nostradamus, to the less eminent visionaries – various mages, wizards, psychics. Of particular importance in this regard are the prophetic words about Russia saints – these saints of God who through the prayers and righteous life he received from God the gift to penetrate the thought and vision of the future. Why left behind and it’s an interesting inheritance – prediction of the current harsh times, and what lies ahead .

If someone in the prophecies of the elders, some things will seem familiar, for example, something similar was said by Edgar Cayce, Vanga and even Nostradamus wrote in his enigmatic quatrains, this is not surprising. Without exception, all the prophets, even the elders of the Hopi Indian tribe, derived their knowledge about the future from a single source – information field of the Earth or, as it is called by scientists of the Noosphere. Another thing is that each prophet translates the received information differently, depending on the time in which he lived, language, level of spirituality, and more. No wonder that Holy men spoke about the fate of Russia about the same:

Paisios the Athonite: Russia will become the spiritual center of the world. This will be achieved through a talented leader who becomes one with his people. But Europe is a compromise so will not be found that could lead to a military clash;

Seraphim of Sarov: the peoples of the world will be jealous of the prosperity of Russia will become even prevent it (again, because of envy), but to do no wrong she can not, because Russia will be protected by a Higher power;

Aveliy: despite today’s disagreements and even enmity, of the Slavic States will come together, creating an invincible Empire – light and spiritual;

Ignatius Bryanchaninov: anyone who wants to harm Russia, closer to the Apocalypse itself;

Ambrose of Optina: Russia has a special path in this world, and therefore anyone who tries to knock her this way, the satanic novice;

Anatoly of Optina: war and unrest in the world will still be, however after a serious disaster in China, the world will be the manifestation of God, after which Russia will become a promised land;

Theophan the recluse: to be created a completely new Russia, in the best tradition of Christian faith, it was faith, not the Church;

Paisios of the Holy mountain: foresee military developments in the middle East, which will be attended by Russia, but after that it will begin an unprecedented flowering;

Nikolay Guryanov: post-Yeltsin Russia was waiting for a military ruler, and therefore the power will be linear, but then will come the King of the Orthodox, I will not live up to these bright days, and you’re going to see with your own eyes (see the documentary about this amazing man).

Notice that Holy men spoke almost about the same, some of them, like Nikolai Guryanov, even relatively accurately referred to as the time of the glorious change for Russia – with the advent of the true spiritual leader of the Orthodox Tsar, who, apparently, will replace the current Russian President.

Пророчества святых старцев о будущем России

Will come true if all these prophecies is hard to say, but the relevance of this information is in the likelihood of such an outcome, which all of us, the Russian people must piously believe, thus really bringing it. According to your faith and this you will, says one of the main sayings of Jesus Christ. By the way, all the esoteric teachings that are open today for the General public, say the same thing – we and only we, their thoughts, words, and, most importantly, sincere aspirations shape the future. So to believe in the words of the wise elders and will try as soon as we can, to bring the bright future of Russia!

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