Blue-eyed earthlings have a common ancestor

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Голубоглазые земляне имеют одного общего предка

Scientists, in particular Danish geneticists claim that all blue-eyed earthlings have a common ancestor, because the color of the iris is the consequence of mutations that occurred initially with the only person on Earth. And this ancestor, argue the researchers, lived about ten thousand years ago .

So all blue-eyed beauties and handsome – is to some extent mutants, as this color is the result of genetic mutation. It happened in the gene OCA2, which determines the concentration of brown in the iris of the human eye. But most interestingly, the researchers found that this mutation has affected the gene HERC2, which blocks and stores the changes in the gene OCA2, not allowing them to return to brown pigmentation, thus supporting exceptionally blue color, which is inherited.

Because of this, blue-eyed people gradually began to spread throughout the Land, and have a single ancestor with this mutation. Arises a natural question: why there was such a mutation, what caused it?

Scientists make the assumption that the mutation was the result of migration of the first people from Africa to Europe, for this reason, they say, Europeans are mostly gray — blue eyes. However, archaeological excavations in recent years have convincingly and even prove conclusively the fallacy of the theory of the origin of our civilization on the African continent and then spread humanity out across the Land.

Even though about the «African theory» unconvincing explains why the above happened mutation, as there appeared the first blue-eyed man, not to mention the fact that the European people are irrelevant to Africa, apparently do not have. So, who was the common ancestor of all blue-eyed humans – remains a mystery. And the secret to unlocking will be much harder because you need to understand not only genetics, but also historians, and independent researchers, not the academic Orthodox, which until now all the forces clinging to the incorrect theory of Darwin and in every way to hide from us the true story of the origin and development of human society.

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