Coming from the UFO threat is real

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Исходящая от НЛО угроза — по-настоящему реальная

The UFO phenomenon is known not only for researchers of anomalous phenomena, but also ordinary people. The majority of them believe the unidentified objects flying machines of the aliens that came to Earth on a friendly visit. However, there is a lot of evidence that the purpose of visiting the planet these creatures are not as peaceful and often aggressive nature.

Strange explosions

There is evidence that in some cases, the flights of unidentified objects ended their explosions. Basically, these incidents occur far away from settlements, however there are exceptions. So, some ufologists suggest that the real cause of the Chicago fire of 1871, which burned almost the entire city, there were some fireballs flying over him. On the same day, October 8, burned several towns, situated more than 400 miles from Chicago. The number of victims of this disaster exceeded 1.5 thousand people. However, the cause of this disaster still remains unclear.

In most cases, these emergency stairs and landing flying objects are in the wilderness. So, a striking example is an incident that occurred in Primorsky region, at a height of 611. In 1986, during the winter it collapsed spherical object, after which the fire started, which lasted almost 2 days. The most prominent incident is the explosion in Podkamennaya Tunguska the summer of 1908, which caused catastrophic destruction in the forest. There is a version that is a crashed spacecraft.

Theft and consequences

There are many examples of contact and UFOs, or their pilots. The majority of them usually leads to very unfortunate consequences for the health of the contactees, even if they were just next to that object. So, in 1886 on one of the houses in Venezuela hovered for some time a strange flying object. After he left, all the people who were inside felt bad – they have appeared on the skin of the tumor, which then began to fester. After treatment, all traces of the unknown defeats gradually passed, but the health is still affected.

There are also evidence when, after being near a UFO in people showing signs of radiation sickness and other negative consequences. This suggests that these objects may emit strong radiation and can be very dangerous for people.

Another aspect of the UFO problem – the phenomenon of abduction of people and animals, otherwise called the abduction. Periodically there are reports about findings of dead animals with savage tracks. So, most often there were cases when he discovered the farm animals with fully or partially removed the skin, removed the internal organs and completely drained of blood. It was found that all operations were carried out with the help of some technologies not available today. Mostly this happened in the USA, but such cases happened in other countries. Often the discovery of such mutilated corpses of animals by the witnesses observed the lights moving silently in those places.

Ufologists explain these findings by the fact that the aliens required of biological and genetic material for a detailed study of our planet.

There is evidence about the abduction of people, some of whom later returned. That they visited the alien ship, such contactees can only remember under the influence of a retrospective of hypnosis. Often, the need for its implementation lead to strange ailments and health problems that appear in people after the kidnapping. Under hypnosis, these witnesses recall what went into a room, saw the strange creatures that were produced over them surgical procedures. After that, the bodies of contactees could find strange tracks – the scars of regular shape, scars, spots. Often in the bodies of kidnap also find strange objects – implants, the purpose of which is unclear. A particularly vivid example of this theft can call the incident in Australia, in the town of tiaro. There the trailer by winemaker Karl Relenza was abducted his wife. The witness saw the events as a woman through the window was pulled in by the beam of light. After about 3 hours the wife of the winemaker were found at the gas station, located 700 km from this town. According to her, she was in a strange room and saw the creatures in tight-fitting jumpsuits. This incident was never explained rationally, as it is unclear how the woman was able in such a short period of time to overcome such a large distance.

Some ufologists believe that part of people abducted the UFO pilots are not recycled back and used as a source of genetic material in their research. This version is based on some cases of disappearances of people missing in very strange circumstances, in which there were unidentified objects.

Based on this, you can see that the threat posed by UFOs really real. From it is not insured by any inhabitant of the Earth, and the kidnapping is just the beginning.

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