Tibetan medicine brothers Badmaevich cured thousands of terminally ill patients in Tsarist Russia

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«Care for those unfortunate sufferers, who thanks to the only Tibetan medicine get need to in the future, the beauty of life — health. I personally — this representative of science — nothing. Having a gun is the heritage of Tibetan medicine, working tirelessly all his life for the benefit of patients, I am quite satisfied.»

P. A. Badmaev

Pyotr Aleksandrovich Badmaev is little known. In the first years of Soviet power works, and the very name of this person was banned, his followers, doctors and scientists-Orientalists were repressed. Because today many people remember P. Badmayev only in the film directed by elem Klimov «Agony», where it displayed very distorted. The famous physician and outstanding diagnostician shown in the film as a treacherous Mongol, the weave Palace intrigues.

M. Zhukovsky, Portrait of doctor P. A. Badmayev, 1880, the State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg)

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

Petr, in the childhood his name was Zhamsaran, in Transbaikalia was born about 1851. However, this date requires clarification. He was the seventh and youngest son of Zashagala Butman, wealthy Mongolian herder, who was descended from Morgana Dobo, father of Genghis Khan. The family lived in a Yurt and shestistrunnoi roamed the dry aginskaya steppe. Boy Zhamsaran herding sheep and was very proud to be engaged in an honorable and necessary thing.

But the family Butman was known in Transbaikalia not only because of the distant noble ancestors, but also the merits of the eldest son Butman. Sultim (Alexander Badmaev) was emchi-Lama, that is a physician of Tibetan medicine.

In those years, under the Chita outbreak of typhoid fever. No official medical weapons against this terrible disease did not exist. «With an oblique bony» every day, took hundreds of people to his abode. The epidemic could become a real threat to the whole of Russia. Among the population began to panic.

And here someone recommended the count N. G. Muravyov-Amursky to find the sorcerer Altima Badmaeva and turn to him for help. From childhood he studied medical science of Tibet, has successfully cured all diseases of people and livestock, therefore, used in Transbaikalia great respect and fame.

Altima soon found. He agreed to help and for 20 days eliminated the terrible disease, giving people the bags with some powder.

On the recommendation of count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky witch doctor was invited to Petersburg, where he presented to Alexander II. Here it kreslili and called Alexander Alexandrovich. The monarch commanded, «will Reward all that you wish.» He thought that the Buryats are asked for money or the order. But Sultim wanted to have the hospital, where they could use the patients in their method, and uniform of a military doctor.

The request was so extraordinary that amazed many approached the king. But the Emperor to retreat from his word and commanded: «Let him show that.»

In Nikolaevsk hospital of Altimo took the house. It put seriously ill with syphilis (all in the last stage), tuberculosis and cancer. The current treatment is scrupulously observed by qualified doctors. And again a miracle happened — all the suffering to get better!

Tibetan medicine

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

Medical Department of the war Ministry Badmaev was awarded the rank with the right to wear military uniform and in the service with respect to the rights assigned to the military doctors. In addition, he was allowed to take patients at home and to open a pharmacy Oriental medicines.

But Alexander Badmaev as air became necessary, the assistant, and he asked parents to let her younger brother in Petersburg. By the time Zhamsaran already graduated with honors from Irkutsk Russian classical school. The parents carried the boy to the capital.

Once in the castle of Peter, a young man immediately entered the faculty of Oriental languages of St. Petersburg University and the rights of the volunteer with the right exam began to attend lectures at the Imperial medical-surgical Academy.

After graduating, Peter Badmaev entered the service of the Asian Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. By the time he had already converted to Orthodoxy, taking the name Peter in honor of Peter the Great, and the patronymic name — by the name of Tsarevich, the future Tsar Alexander III.

But soon enough, Alexander Badmaev dying, and all his farming pharmacy and practice — goes to the younger brother, Zamarano.

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

In the 1870-ies Petr sort of activity have repeatedly been to China, Mongolia, Tibet, where he carried out various assignments related to the strengthening of Russian influence in the region. In addition, in Tibet he has also improved his knowledge of Tibetan medicine, obtained from his brother.

Treatment Badmaev Peter was engaged from 1875 to the end of life.

In 1893, he received a General’s rank of state Councilor, and a year later after the death of Alexander III resigned and devoted himself entirely to Tibetan medicine.

From 1837 to 1910 Pyotr Badmaev worked alone. For 37 years he received in his office 573 856 patients, as confirmed by documents. The figure itself is incredible — more than 16 thousand patients a year. Until his death, the Tibetan doctor was working without holidays and vacations. His working day lasted 16 hours, but was built very reasonable. The doctor has developed a habit after 3-4 hours of sleep for 7-10 minutes. Perhaps in this lies its exceptional performance.

By the way, more than half a million patients cured P. Badmaeva, more than one hundred thousand (according to the documents) was recognized by physicians as hopeless.

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

Diagnosis, the Tibetan doctor put the pulse. The procedure usually lasted about a minute. The patient then received a voucher number of powders that he bought at the pharmacy in the same building. All patients coming to Badmaev, were issued and sold in pharmacies 8 140 276 powders. The working visit paid one ruble, provided the Lord — up to 25 roubles.

Koinopolitia widespread among esoteric information that Badmaev was allegedly a member of the Tibetan mystic society «Green dragon». Due to the lack of the secret organization any official documentation any arguments «for» or «against» the approval of the groundless.

The technique of pulse diagnosis

The healer received information about the condition of the patient, placing the pads of the fingers on the radial artery of the patient. It should be noted that to master the pulse diagnosis is a very daunting task.

This craft started to teach 4 years, but only at a Mature age healer has acquired the necessary skills and was able to capture many shades of vibration of the blood flow, which could be cold, warm, hot; weak, medium, strong; flat, round, square or spiral; rhythmic, erratic, disturbed rhythm with repeating melody; calm, cutting or piercing — only a few hundred shades.

In addition, the «speaking» was the pause between heartbeats, that is, between the beats. Complete picture of the state of the human body and was given the whole range of observations.

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

Thus, the healers of the past have established that the blood is the Bank and the transmitter of information, which has been preserved on a moving liquid carrier. No mystery in pulse diagnosis there. It’s just a Union superhosting perception of the fingers and the brain of a doctor. By the way, the modern doctor working in the clinic, examines the pulse on only five parameters: frequency, rhythm, filling, stress, speed.

There are other diagnostic techniques used by Tibetan healers, along with pulse diagnosis. The results seem unbelievable.

If classical, the physician is able only after a more or less continuous surveys to ascertain, for example, tumor of the prostate, the Tibetan doctor can predict its emergence in 1-2 years. So it prevents the disease their medicines and recommendations.

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

By the way, in the book «Peter Badmaev, godson of the Emperor, a healer, a diplomat» native grandson of the great physician Boris Gusev describes how his grandfather had put Nicholas II diagnosis by pulse:

«Say your science is full of mystery, is that right? — the Emperor asked.

— It was surrounded by mystery those who wanted to hide it from people…

— Do you believe in predictions?

The disease can be predicted. There is an assumption…

— A fate?

— I do not know, Your Majesty.

— Then predict what I’ll get sick and when again smile, said the Emperor.

— I will ask the hand of Your Majesty… No, not the hand, I need the pulse.

Feeling the pulse on the arm of Nicholas, grandfather for a long time, about two minutes, listening to his heartbeat. Then he said:

— So far I don’t see any symptoms or signs that precede it. Do you have the pulse of a healthy person. You probably work a lot physically in the air?

— That’s right! Sawing wood. At least two hours a day. Love it!»

The writer Boris Gusev (right) is the grandson of the famous physician, founder of Tibetan medicine in Russia Peter Badmayev

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

In addition to his main work of the physician practice, P. Badmaev a lot of time and effort to put the translation into the Russian language book «Zhud-Shi» (foundations of Tibetan medicine). Immediately after the publication it caused General interest. However, there were a lot of criticisms from the official medicine, and Badmaeva subjected to this harassment, accused of shamanism, sorcery and other sins. But the most terrible ordeal was waiting for the doctor to come.

In 1917 he was expelled from Russia by the Provisional government, however, detained in Helsingfors (now Helsinki) and after months of detention returned to Petrograd. He again began to practice medicine, but several times was arrested by the Cheka.

In 1919, while in custody in Chesmensky camp (in St. Petersburg, 5 km from the Narva gate), P. Badmaev slapped the commandant for the fact that he addressed him rudely, «you». The chief, of course, immediately two days identified the doctor in solitary confinement, where he stood ankle deep in the icy water.

And then disaster struck: a Tibetan healer, possessed of good health, fell ill with typhus. He was placed in the prison infirmary where he was attended the wife of E. F. Yuzbashev. This woman was for many years a faithful assistant and even was in charge of the pharmacy on the estate of P. Badmaeva on Poklonnaya hill. But despite serious illness that required care, true to his medical duty, the doctor persuaded the spouse to be in office hours at the Foundry, 16, which housed each of the P. Badmayev.

Badmaev with students

Тибетская медицина братьев Бадмаевых вылечила тысячи безнадежно больных в Царской России

General Peter Badmaev could have easily avoided all the misfortunes that happened to him if I took Japanese citizenship. That he can do it, the doctor has received official notification from authorities, he petitioned the Japanese Ambassador. He could easily go with the family to Japan. But Petr did not want to leave Russia in her hour of need and categorically rejected the tempting offer.

Died famous Tibetan doctor on July 29, 1920, in his bed. It was buried on a hot day, August 1, at the Shuvalov cemetery. Now on his grave is a white metal cross with the inscription: «the Doctor — the founder of Tibetan medicine in Russia Pyotr Alexandrovich Badmaev. Died on 29. VII. 1920».

Date of birth no. Grave, judging by her condition, for a long time no one visited. Neither the cemetery nor the laity know nothing about her. That’s the sad fate of a famous person.

After the revolution the work of P. A. Badmayev «Zhud-Shi» was not published and was published again only in 1991.

From the book «Phenomena, mysteries, hypothesis»

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