How many more presidents will kill the curse of Tecumseh

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Скольких еще президентов убьет проклятие Текумсе

In history, you can find a lot of legends telling about unusual curses, but the story about the us presidential curse, very interesting and instructive. Legend has it that sent a punishment associated with Indian Shawnee tribe, who lived on the territory of modern States of Ohio, Oklahoma, Kentucky. Note that US presidents have long been considered the most influential world leaders, so a simple curse of the Indian chief for a long time was not perceived by them seriously.

The young American state, after celebrating their victory in the confrontation with the strongest power, great Britain, began savagely to take away the land from the Indians. New Americans shamelessly expelled the indigenous people from their lands, not stopping the murder of innocent people. In 1795, the white colonizers signed with several large groups of Indians Treaty on the transfer of the right to a huge area, previously owned by the tribes.

But not all Indian tribes surrendered to the new residents of the territories. The leader of the Shawnee named Tecumseh, refused to accept blatant land grab by white aliens. After ten years of permanent warfare, chieftain created a military Alliance of tribes ready to defend their freedom and independence. The leader of the Shawnee urged his countrymen not to admit the shackling agreement with the conquerors and not to support, impose their way of life. Brother Tecumseh possessed the skills and knowledge of the ancient shamans. When he predicted the Eclipse of the sun, and this event occurred, the number of soldiers who joined the troops of Tecumseh, has increased significantly and for Americans they began to pose a serious threat. And in 1810 General William Harrison began military action by clearing from the Indians of lands of the state of Indiana.

Just say that there were tribes who have agreed to a deal with the captain. Only Tecumseh threatened General war, and did not recognize the signed agreements. The leader threatened Americans that will negotiate with the British and offer them help to return the colonies. While the leader was gathering strength, adding to their squads of warriors of the Cherokee and Seminole Indian, General made his army against the rebellious Indians. In the first battle, the Indians suffered a crushing defeat. Tecumseh was sent to the camp of General of some of the prisoners, which gave the military commander the curse of Tecumseh. The leader predicted that Harrison, who wanted to take the presidential seat as soon as you reach your goal, you will die. And every President elected in a year that can be divided by 20, will die before the expiration of his term. The term leader also pointed — up to the «seventh generation.»

Tecumseh made good on his threat, and in 1812 joined with his warriors to the British. He participated in numerous battles in which the British won. But in 1813, the British betrayed Tecumseh and he died.

Harrison celebrated the victory – he managed took the Indians more than twelve thousand square kilometers of land. Yes dalneyshaia the fate of General Harrison, too, had seemingly successfully: he has held the posts of Governor, then became a Congressman, but the presidency was chosen only in 1840.

In March 1841, he gave a long inaugural speech. And although the weather was cold, he spoke without a coat and hat. Two days later colds brought him to the hospital bed. The pneumonia was added to the infected blood, and soon, Harrison died.

So the first victim of the fatal prediction was William Harrison. Although it is unlikely that the former General and his entourage had remembered the curse of Tecumseh.

The following were killed Abraham Lincoln. In 1860 his second time elected to high office, but the curse worked: the killer shot was stopped by Lincoln’s life.

James Garfield, who were not fortunate enough to be elected in 1880, suffered from a curse. Only a year he managed to rule the country, then the bullet had overtaken him. Although the wound was not considered mortal, but because of medical errors, the President died three months barbaric treatment.

The curse overtook and fourth contender – it was William McKinley, who occupied the highest office in 1900. A bullet fired in the back of the President by an anarchist, Leon Callosa pulled, but the wound began to fester. A few weeks passed, and McKinley died in terrible agony.

Sinister prediction has not bypassed and the fifth victim was Warren Harding elected President in 1920. Three years later, after taking office, he died of a sudden heart disease.

The luckiest among the damned presidents, was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was several times elected to the presidency, including 1940. But lucky the officer caught up with the curse of Tippecanoe – he died in 1944.

The final victim was John Kennedy, who took on the presidency in 1960. The story of his death is known to all. After the death of Kennedy, it would seem that the curse of the Indian chief, which operated for over 150 years, ceased to have effect.

In 1980, the wounded President Ronald Reagan. It is unknown what helped the head of state: whether the health has reached a higher level, whether the curse has lost its relevance, but Reagan survived.

Why is the leader of the cursed presidents of America up to the seventh victim? It turns out that the number 7 is in esotericism is seen as the last step in a certain stage of development, and 8 is already the beginning of a new round. Perhaps, after seven deaths of the presidents, the curse of the leader began to weaken?

The presidency of George Bush cannot be called calm. The famous Tunisian astrologer predicted that he will be assassinated. The security service of the President has always worked with a lot of stress, and the prediction was taken seriously. Moreover, this clairvoyant warned in advance about the death of Princess Diana and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. But even such a well-known soothsayer couldn’t say, will survive the President after the assassination.

Note that every prediction is given with some probability and the predicted event does not have to occur. The oracles say that a person can change destiny. For this you need to follow the path of light and goodness.

It is not known what has helped George Bush, but he did not become a victim of the Islamists, sent the September 11 airplane attack on the White house. Retry occurred in may 2005, when a mentally ill man threw a grenade into the rostrum, which at that time was President. But Bush was lucky again.

And since all US presidents are beset by troubles, we can say that the curse of a leader effect, but it «deadly force» has become much smaller. Although it is possible that the effects of the curse can be much more insidious than one would assume.

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