Bigfoot hate dogs and always try to kill them

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In an earlier article about searches like a big baboon beast in Illinois in 1940-ies, we mentioned the moment when something, most likely the same beast that brutally killed the dog of a farmer. In fact, there are cases where the Yeti maimed or killed dogs, a lot.

It seems that this bigforum, the Sasquatch and other Snow people for some unknown reason it hated the dog.

«Killing dogs known characteristic of a Sasquatch. For this, they long to chase the dog and follow her. Most often, when dogs smell them, they run away or tuck tail from fear, but the dog that is not afraid to enter into battle with sasquatches may be cruelly maimed or killed. Some of these dogs were found torn apart and all traces pointed to the fact that it was made by sasquache», — these words belong to one of the members of the American Association of researchers of Bigfoot (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization — BFRO).

Sometimes Bigfoot kill dogs in order to elude his pursuers, and sometimes to eat them. Someone can say that the dogs would attack the wolves, but the Bigfoot researchers are sure that it was the elusive humanoid cryptids.

Йети ненавидят собак и при случае всегда стараются убить их

A police dog was scared to go to the barn

Let’s turn to the cases. In 1973, in the same Illinois, where in the early 40’s and had seen a baboon animal, near the same river big muddy observed a large Bigfoot, covered with long white hair. Maybe old and gray. All observations were made by the residents of the city of Murfreesboro and was recorded by the police. Later, the cryptozoologist Loren Coleman was able to get copies of these records.

One report described how to spot Bigfoot arrived the cynologist Jerry Nellis, the dog. There was much trampled vegetation, as if there were something big. The dog quickly picked up someone’s trail and led the dog handler and the police down the hill.

From time to time on the way dogs and people had really strange dark slime, lying on the grass. When one of the officers rubbed a bit of mucus with your fingers, his fingers were dark. And every time on the way across the slime, the dog started behaving very restlessly.

In the report it was stated that the dog held the people down the hill, and then to the pond, walked around the pond and headed towards the forest. At one point, the dog became very hard to pull the handler, but it was impossible to descend was too steep embankment. In this area left to check police with flashlights and canine and the dog moved to a different zone to the South, which also saw the creature.

There is also a dog picked up a trail and he took her to the old barn. But as soon as the dog ran into the barn, as here, as if something very nabegavshis jumped back. Officer Nash and canine Nellis air force base searched the barn but found nothing and did not understand what scared the dog.

According to Nellis, the dog was trained to look for the smell and don’t back down and she never refused to look for something in the buildings. In the area the police never found any more traces of Bigfoot.

Momo monster Missouri

In July 2012, the magazine «NewsOk» published an article which described the events in Louisiana, Missouri in 1972. These events are called «Epic about Momo». For a short time the entire state was in panic, and later the story broke all over America. Momo is the nickname of big scary and very smelly Bigfoot, whom the children saw loud growling and killed their dog.

It all began July 11, 1972. Two boys 8-year-old Terry Harrison and his brother 5-year-old Wally Harrison in a lovely hot day walking in the woods with his dog. House Harrison stood at the edge of the forest and at home that day was their older sister 15-year-old Doris Harrison. Suddenly she heard loud screaming boys outside and when he jumped to the window and looked out, he saw a terrible picture.

There was a dark tall humanoid creature, at least 7 feet tall (2.1 meters) and so densely covered with long hair that was not visible even facial features. In one paw it held the bloodied body of a dog and nearby lay torn shreds of dog hair. And the smell of this creature was incredibly nasty!

Йети ненавидят собак и при случае всегда стараются убить их

«It was not human and this was not a bear» — then told Doris that in 2012, 55 years old, — «that was strange».

«Something you’ve never seen before?»- asked her a journalist.

«Yes, exactly».

When the animal is gone, boys and Doris told what had happened to his father, and later, a local farmer said that he, too, lost a dog. Soon other locals received a few messages about the strange creature and the terrible odor it leaves behind. At the same time the monster was given the nickname Momo.

«A few days after that incident, we heard in the distance the great roar,» says the woman named bliss, «I know how to roar and growl of the lynx and other beasts, it was nothing like it. My father at that moment screamed «We better get outta here, it goes here!».

Eyewitness observations accumulated like a snowball. One man claimed that he was pursued by a beast with red eyes, a group of schoolchildren claimed to see the monster right out the window of the classroom, and two women, who went for a picnic on the shore of the stream, said, as the creature chased them until they got into their car and quickly left from there.

They described it as large and humanoid and intelligent. It managed to grab the handle of the car door and tried to open the door.

Another eyewitness Ellis Maynor was sitting in the late evening on my front porch with the dog and suddenly her dog for no reason started to growl loudly it is unclear to whom. When Ellis went down with a flashlight to see, she saw a «large dark creature near the road that ran away». In addition, there were several reports of strange aggressive behavior of the local dogs.

Momo soon became a national phenomenon in Louisiana. In town specifically began to arrive raiders Bigfoot, and the local found a strange large prints.

«He is not a person, he has a very large heel and just three fingers,» said Christina Windmiller.

In the photo below, Christina holds the plaster of one of the tracks that managed to do in those years with her father.

Йети ненавидят собак и при случае всегда стараются убить их

Despite fingerprint and the testimony of witnesses, many now believe that Momo wasn’t real, and this was only an invention of Harrison. In this example I’m sure 76-year-old Priscilla Walter, which in those years worked as a teacher at the school. She also suggests that Harrison could use a furry gorilla suit to scare the locals.

Now from the events, almost no witnesses. The Harrison house was long abandoned and destroyed, and about Momo remember just such centenarians as Hilter or holders of prints like Christina.

Was Momo a fiction or a real monster at the end of the note recall that if you want to look for Bigfoot, it is best to leave your dog at home.

  • In Canada videotaped Bigfoot
  • Kazakh shepherd photographed huge footprints and recorded the voice of the Snow man
  • American brought to the police cal Bigfoot and other evidence
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