A unique medical case, the boy in the wound on the hand a week, there lived a snail

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11-year-old boy was playing near the water on the beach of San Pedro in California. The child moved awkwardly, slipped and fell, badly knocking his elbow on the stone and cutting the skin. As the wound seemed not serious to his parents, to the clinic, they decided not to go, the wound only washed under running water.

However, after 8 days the wound on the elbow of the boy swelled up and became painful to the touch. When you try to feel her, inside the wound was something small, but very solid, has a length of about centimeters. As the wound festered and the boy had no fever, doctors ruled out getting into the wound infection and the child’s condition until recently remained enigmatic.

It was decided to surgically lance the boil on my elbow. First, a nurse with a syringe extorted from the inflamed places of the accumulated fluid, and then opened the abscess scalpel. She found a strange solid education, the center of which, like a caterpillar in a cocoon, was the most common tiny snail in length only 4 mm.

Уникальный медицинский случай: У мальчика в ране на руке неделю жила улитка

It was a sea snail species Littorina scutulata. As she got into the wound, if clean, is not clear. It is possible that she got too deep in the wound and it is not washed away by the water.

Уникальный медицинский случай: У мальчика в ране на руке неделю жила улитка

The boy was also extremely surprised that you found in the elbow and asked to be told about this snail, so he could transfer all his family and friends. On this unique case, says the medical journal BMJ.

In medicine it is known only one such case. There is also all happened to the boy he was 4 years old and the snail found in the wound on his leg. It was a sea snail.

«Usually doctors are dealing with got under the skin of inanimate objects, such as wood chips, glass fragments, etc., — comments on the case of Dr. albert Hite, But in this case, the uniqueness lies in the fact that a living organism could so much time to spend under the skin of the person and to resist the hostile environment around him.

The snails do not feed on flesh, they are herbivores, so, for a person is not dangerous. Snails can seal the entrance to its shell and in there save a little water that helps them survive the temporary contact in an anhydrous environment during low tide. Probably the same thing helped the snail to spend 8 days inside the elbow of the boy.»

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