The couple from South Africa are confident that their house settled evil monster tokoloshe

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56-year-old Isaac Malope trying desperately to save your marriage and it’s not cheating spouses dispute over money or something else familiar. The matter of evil being tokoloshe of folklore.

In an interview with Daily Sun Isaac told his sad story. He and his wife live in South Africa in a place called Allemande, in the province of Mpumalanga. For many years they lived a quiet life, but now they are afraid to go to sleep because of horrible nightmares that began to haunt both of them, and also because of the strange sounds on the roof like there running something alive.

Супруги из ЮАР уверены, что в их доме поселился злой монстр токолоше

The problem began 25 years ago, and then he and his wife were convinced that they had begun to terrorize a creature named tokoloshe. But they went to Sangoma (Sangoma) is a sorcerer and he was able to drive tokoloshe away. But now tokoloshe back.

«Every night my wife and I having terrible nightmares. We’ve had a small skull, like a child, and even a snake that turns into a pipe,» Isaac complains.

And Isaac says that tokoloshe even got into their bed, because now he and his wife can’t make love. They want to get closer, something begins loud noise.

Isaac is sure that the problem is in the envious relatives. The witch doctor told him that Isaac is a gift, the family learned about this and sent him to the house of tokoloshe. Isaac says that he is not much concerned with any of this, but he’s upset that tokoloshe hinders and his wife.

«I’m afraid that my wife may leave me. Now I’m ready to ask for help from anyone who can help me with this problem».

Isaac says. he’s already tried again to get help from Sangoma, but this time for some reason the healer could not help him. Isaac spent on finding a solution for a lot of money and started asking for money from friends and acquaintances.


Супруги из ЮАР уверены, что в их доме поселился злой монстр токолоше

Another Sangoma named Sibongile Maluleke on this issue says: «Some dreams can come from deceased ancestors, and so they are trying to contact us. Although some dreams can come because of the evil of witchcraft and then in this house you must perform a special ritual.»

Isaac Malope hopes that after his interview to journalists, he’ll find someone who can help him and his wife.

Tokoloshe in South Africa, this supernatural being, who is credited with responsibility for various evil tricks. He also loves to attack women and rape them. Not everyone can see it, and those who can see, describe it as a hairy dwarf with long arms.

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