In Uganda, the sorcerer mysteriously found the thief, «agreed» with the snake

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Mysterious events occurred in the town of Hoima, Uganda (East Africa). The local sorcerer is an incredible way found the thief, sending in search of him and «arrest» snake.

Snake found the thief and attacked him, obviosity around the neck. The thief had no choice but to go with the snake on the neck to the police and confess to the crime. It is reported

Residents of the city of Hoima 26 January 2018 witnessed a strange appearance on the street almost naked guy, the neck of which was a snake. The guy slowly and carefully went to the police to confess to stealing from the local Barber and were carrying stolen solar panel.

В Уганде колдун мистическим образом нашел вора, "договорившись" со змеей

The crime was committed September 30, 2017, then robbed Barber of Aisha sent a statement to the police. He argued that in the room of his Barber shop broke two unknown guy and carried solar panels, batteries and a razor.

The police took the report and began searching for the suspects, but weeks passed and no one was found and then Aisha decided to go for assistance to local sorcerer.

About it told journalists the representative of police Julius of Hakisa.

The sorcerer secretly did something, then after a while Eisige announced that it has successfully tracked down one of the thieves. Directly in front of the crowd near the police station there was a young guy, clad only in gray briefs, he was carrying a solar panel around his neck, a snake lies coiled.

Outside the precinct were already waiting for him sorcerer. When the guy approached the sorcerer, he came to him and took the snake from his neck. Apparently the sorcerer «sent» this snake to arrest the thief. Himself the hapless thief looked very scared. After he removed the snake and took him to the station police.

While at the police station were engaged in the interrogation of a detainee, the locals, admiring the work of a sorcerer, surrounded it and took his business card with a phone number.

It not the first case in Uganda, when the magicians find suspects in crimes. In November 2017, a swarm of bees suddenly surrounded and swarmed, who was guilty of stealing items from the house.

The witnesses were convinced that the bees sent by the witch and told that the bees completely covered the head and neck of the unfortunate. In the hands of the suspect was carrying those items, which he stole and as in the case above, went to confession to the police.

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