In the picture with a road accident near Krasnoyarsk saw the ghosts of the dead

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Family crashed on the track under the truck: the team saw in the images from ghosts of accident victims.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred on the highway near the City. Audi skidded and the car went under the wheels of a truck. The accident killed a family with two children. The traffic police confirm that information.

Pictures from the scene of the accident published in the group «PE Krasnoyarsk» the social network «Vkontakte». The team immediately saw the photographs of the mysterious shadowy figures.

На фотографии с ДТП под Красноярском увидели призраков погибших

Top male face, women’s under it, its a bit hard to see

На фотографии с ДТП под Красноярском увидели призраков погибших

«Right are clearly visible facial features, kind of mystic. For some reason I see a male or a calm, rather sad face, and the girl’s face frightened,» wrote Roman Morozov.

«I saw it too, but it’s just so scary… it’s hard to believe what he saw…. Especially if you don’t look close, and look a bit from afar, you can see clearly… I would even say scared face… Oh, God forbid that is so,» wrote Yana Vadimovna.

Someone from commentators saw not even one person, but several.

However, there were also those who blamed what they saw on violent fantasy and even explained that the team took a mysterious figure.

«Look at the second photo, where the hatch is open. Paintwork a good Shine, plus oblique diffused light. So much for the silhouettes with a little imagination,» wrote the user under the name Walgood Simsovic.

The second photo from the accident scene

На фотографии с ДТП под Красноярском увидели призраков погибших

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