The visit of the three translucent beings

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This story was recently sent to the American website National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), which collect database of UFO sightings and aliens in the United States. The date took place on 15 November 2016, the city of Peoria, Illinois.

Визит трех полупрозрачных существ

«I woke up in the night, about 3 hours, and saw near the door to my bedroom has three unusual creatures. They were translucent, and through them you could see the walls of the room, and from their bodies was a soft, uncertain light. Surprise at the sight of such a spectacle, I immediately sat up in bed.

I got a good look at these creatures. The first two in my opinion looked like a mother and her child. «She» was very tall and thin with dark oval eyes and a very thin and long arms. No clothes on her, but it was very difficult to make out what was in her groin, there was nothing like human genitalia.

She had a long oval face and a thin mouth. The body was completely naked without any hair even on my head. Next to the «mother» was her «child». He barely came up to her hips and rested a hand on the leg of the «mother». He was also without clothes and with strange genitalia, but I have a strong feeling that it was a boy.

In its form, it was almost a copy of the figure of the «mother», only his head was much smaller and his hands and his feet were much more dense and not thin. His eyes too were large and it seemed to me that he looks at me with great surprise, like the first time sees a human being.

Now on the third creature. It stood behind these two and he, too, was soft light. All three figures looked as if it was a hologram. The third creature’s head was distinguished by its form. His oval eyes were something like the antennas, there were eight pieces and they seemed a part of his head.

It seemed to me that this creature was something like an operator and his task was to record everything with their antennae.

When I reviewed them, I decided to approach him closer. I got out of bed and went to him, but then the creature left my room and quickly floated down the corridor. and then he just disappeared. I was left standing there and to think that it was something incredible.

But this was not the end of the story.

The next night I again woke up around the same time, about 3 hours and saw one creature, that thing with the antennas on the head. It stood in my bedroom near the clothes racks. This time I couldn’t get out of bed, but just raised his hand and waved a welcome to this creature.

And on his face at this moment has an amazing smile, like the smile of the Mona Lisa.

Here I am again broke down and got out of bed and the creature disappeared like last time. More they to me did not come.

Now over time I can better describe how these creatures move. It was like swaying seaweed in the water, very smoothly and elegantly. The body of these creatures were not transparent (in the sense that it was not visible internal organs), but through them shone the walls and decor.

And even during their visits, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and amazement. It was an incredible experience for me. Unfortunately, I do not call his name, as even my own family doesn’t believe my story. I told her about these visits, only two of his friends. I felt that I should share this with anyone.

It seems to me that these creatures have long been among us and watching us. I don’t know why they are here. Can be to help us, and maybe they’re just waiting for something».

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