The punishment of «fire rods»

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Pulse de Nura («blow the fire» or «fire rod») in the Talmudic literature — a figurative expression, meaning «a painful punishment on the non-physical level, the essential world.»

Modern Pulse de-Nur is the combination of the concept of Herem — the excommunication from the religious community and CFID — «wrath of the righteous.» The man struck cfide obliged to apologize to the righteous, or his perceived woes.

«Fire rods» are a very serious punishment imposed, almost a curse. It is believed that if someone will hold the rite of the Pulse de-Nur, then this man has nothing to save, if he made haste, and did not repent.

Наказание "огненными розгами"

It is believed that a «pulsa de Nura» is a last resort, a kind of Kabbalistic nuclear weapons when other options have been exhausted, so it is used very rarely. You must inform the person that he had performed the ceremony of «Pulse de Nura». So he is given a chance to repent and correct the error.

Kabbalist Yosef Dayan notes that we are talking about prayer, calling upon the Supreme judge to render a verdict in the case of a particular person. If the judge called in vain, and man is not guilty he is charged with that caused him as a false witness would receive the same punishment which wished someone would condemn.

Canonically ceremony of the Pulse de Nura was done in a room illuminated with black candles, where ten righteous people were going to cabalistic spells, and the burning of paper where is written the name and cursed his mother. During the ceremony, blowing the RAM’s horn to ward off evil spirits.

In September 1981, by Rabbi Moshe Hirsch threatened to «fire flogging» the archaeologist Th.The awl, whose excavations of ancient Jerusalem threatened to destroy the Jewish cemetery.

«This is an extreme measure,— said the Rabbi.— Over the last thirty years it was used only two times — with terrible consequences. There are many ways to die and each death is not less terrible than others.»

Shiloh denied the threat of the ancient cemetery, but escaped punishment mainly because Rabbi Hirsch was not able to get the name of his mother.

In January 1991, during the second Gulf war (operation «desert Storm»), an Israeli extremists group the poems EDA Haredit rumored to have resorted to the above ceremony, nalika death on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. However, the rite should act in the course of the year, and Hussein died much later — in 2006, but still died and his death was violent.

It is assumed that the Rabbi Chafetz Chaim did Pulse de-Nur Trotsky. But this is also problematic, because the Chafetz Chaim passed away in 1933, Trotsky was killed in 1940.

Other people against whom likely carried out the ceremony of the Pulse de Nura:

Gershon Agron, mayor of Jerusalem. In 1959 against him was held a «pulsa de Nura» because of the opening of the pool at the place where previously there may be Jewish graves. Two weeks later he died.

Eyal Ragunis, the architect who designed and built the complex «Givat Andromeda» in Jaffa. Haredim considered that the construction is carried out partly on the site of an ancient Jewish cemetery. A former special forces officer of the General staff, 37-year-old Rahonis soon suffered a severe heart attack from which he died.

Izak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel. Signed an agreement with the Palestinians on the establishment of the Palestinian national authority and was willing to make further far-reaching concessions, for which he was sentenced. A month after the curse was killed.

A well-known publicist Avigdor Eskin says that he personally participated in the ritual «Pulsa de Nura» against Rabin. Kabbalist Yosef Dayan, was also present at the ceremony of curse words confirms it.

Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel. After six months in a coma, and after eight years died.

Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel. In July 2006 a group of right-wing activists read a Kabbalistic curse against Olmert in the cemetery on mount Herzl. Olmert is currently still alive.

Ehud Netzer, an archaeologist. His life was devoted to the search for the tomb of king Herod. When found, the representatives of the ultra-Orthodox community warned him that it is not necessary to open it up, otherwise he will be cursed by them.

Netzer didn’t, and in October 2010, talking with colleagues at the top of the Herodion, leaned over the wooden parapet. Suddenly, the railing broke off, as collapsed the attaching bolts. Along with them fell down and died, and the archaeologist.

Naftali Bennett, economy Minister in April 2013 received an anonymous letter in which it was reported that he and his family held a «pulsa de Nura» for the harm to the religious community. «You expect days full of bitterness. From this day your life is ruined». At the moment, Bennett is still alive.

The attitude of the authorities towards «Pulsa de Nura»

On 30 August 2005, legal Advisor to the government of the Time Mazuz decided not to open a criminal case upon those who had performed the ceremony «Pulsa de Nura» against Ariel Sharon.

Mazuz noted that they have appealed to higher powers, and not to the people, and the prayer-wish of death to a man, though, and should not be part of the social norms, but is not an incitement to murder, and fits into the framework of freedom of expression.

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