Deciphered ancient Hebrew inscription

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Расшифрована древняя надпись на ивритеDeciphered ancient Hebrew inscription. Experts at münster University, has been able to translate the oldest of the currently known inscriptions in Hebrew, which is more than 3 thousand years

The object of the study performed a fragment of clay pot that served as a kind of blueprint on which future clerk worked skills. Scientists suggest that the scribe was most likely related to the court, practiced writing lines of laws.

According to experts, the contents of the following inscription: «Give rights to slaves and to widows. Give the right to orphans and foreigners. Protect the rights of the poor and minorities.»

Fragments of pot was discovered in 2008, in 25 km from Jerusalem. It is believed that about 3 thousand years ago in the region there was a big city. The conclusion that the scientists one of the oldest texts in Hebrew, was made on the basis of analysis of the forms of the letters, writes .

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