Alien, born on Earth

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An alien born on Earth. One of these «Indigo» — a child named Boris — live in town of Zhirnovsk on Volgogradke. The boy was born 11 January 1996 and since 4 years passionately loved to visit famous places in the anomalous zone Medveditskaya ridge — Blue mountain, that near Zhirinovsky. Why so? Yes, you see, for him it is a necessary energy need.

Инопланетянин, родившийся на Земле

Parents Boris, cute, educated and very friendly people, very concerned about his phenomenal abilities adorable kid, and especially how others would perceive his people as well. They say they would be very happy if someone competent professionals told how to raise their wunderkind.

Mother Boris says that, being herself a doctor, she couldn’t help but notice how on the 15-th day after the birth of her son began to hold his head. His first word «Baba» he uttered as early as 4 months and since then began to say other simple words. In 7 months, when he saw in the wall of the large stud, it is quite clearly said the whole phrase: «I want carnations.» A year and a half baby without any difficulty read all the major headlines in 2 years became meaningful to draw pencil, 2, 5 — colors. Two years he was sent to kindergarten. There caregivers immediately began talking about the unusual boy, his extraordinary intelligence, extraordinary language skills and unique memory.

However, parents became witnesses to the fact that the knowledge her son is not only through the perception of the world as ordinary men, but through some miracle the channels from the outside: they repeatedly observed, as he simply read from somewhere unknown.

«No one taught — says the mother of Boris — as it is in itself is easy and somehow seemed familiar very often sat in the Lotus pose, and that’s when it just listen… He gives such details about Mars, planetary systems and other civilizations that my husband literally climb eye on his forehead…»

How, one wonders, the small child such knowledge? Space, space stories are the constant themes of his stories after the age of two… Once he told me that he once lived on Mars, that planet is now inhabited, but, having gone through its greatest disaster, lost atmosphere. But to this day it is inhabited by very few residents in its underground cities… during his tenure as a Martian Boris allegedly often flew to Earth in the part of trading and research expeditions. Moreover, he even flew a spaceship. This occurred during the civilization of the Lemurians. He had a friend who died in front of him. About the picture of the death of Lemuria the boy says as if it just happened, and really experiencing the death of his friend, Earthling. However, he argues that Lemurians died because of that stopped his spiritual development, thus, violating the integrity of the entire planet.

When one day my mother brought a book son Ernst muldasheva «From whom we are descended,» then, when he saw her, he felt indescribable excitement. Looked at the drawings of Lemurians, photos of Tibet pagodas and more than two hours non-stop, and logical and fun, told his parents about the Lemurians and their culture. The course of the story the boy’s mother said cautiously, that since Lemuria died about 70,000 years ago, and the lemurs were people 9-meter height… And all sort of you can remember? Boris, not at all embarrassed, replied: «Yes, I remember, and I’m not told about it, I saw it».

In the second book muldasheva «In search of the city of the gods» he, looking at the illustrations, very long time and a lot of thinking about all kinds of pyramids and tombs. Confidently declared that the ancient knowledge that people are looking for, will be found not under the pyramid of Cheops, and under another that is yet to be found. «The life of man, — said the narrator — will change only when they open the Sphinx, which opens somewhere behind the ear… But I forgot about that».

But the most striking in the stories of Boris what on Earth now supposedly the time when special began to be born children, because the approaching deadline for the start of a radical transformation of the planet, for implementation of which would require very different knowledge and, of course, completely different mentality of earthlings.

According to the boys on the Ground due to the abrupt change of the poles must occur two disasters: the first in 2009 on one of the large continents, and in 2013 — even more powerful. Very few earthlings left alive. Let’s wait and see.

But the question of how, and not afraid if the boy himself that his own life is in danger .

On these conditions may be interrupted, replied: «No, not afraid, because we live forever. The catastrophe was on Mars, where I was living. There are people just like us. Between them there was a nuclear war. All burned. Only a few survived. There are new houses and buildings progruntovali type. Emerged and new weapons. Materials of all kinds have undergone great changes. Breathe the same Martians mainly carbon dioxide. Now if they’d fly to our planet, almost constantly be standing at the chimney». «If you’re from Mars — ask him — what do you need carbon dioxide?» «Once I got into the earthly body, and breathe air — meets Boris. — But know that it is very rapid aging of the body.»

Asked the boy and why our space ships often die during the approach to Mars. And to this he replied: «With Mars send signals to knock down the station if it has harmful radiation for the Martians».

The boy is very deeply versed in the question of the multidimensionality of space and device interplanetary UFOs. He talks about it as an experienced professional, always draws a «dish» on the blackboard, explaining their actions. Here’s one of his stories: «There are six layers. 25% is a top layer of durable metal, 30% — second layer, it is like rubber, the third layer to 30% — again metal, 4% is the layer — with magnetic properties…» at the same time writes on the blackboard with chalk figures, saying that «if power the magnetic layer with energy, the apparatus can fly all over the Universe…»

All adults who had seen and heard at this time Indigo was staring at him and listening to the competent speech with amazement. Because interest, which he so professionally operated, begin to study only in the 3rd grade and the boy was then just 7 years. Of course, this knowledge had not from school!

And with the school’s Boris, of course, continuous complexity. First, after the interview, he was immediately enrolled in the 2nd grade, but soon tried to escape at all from his stay in the classroom. And, what, tell, the teacher may like that it is constantly interrupting, telling that it is wrong explains the lesson… Now the boy is a teacher with good teaching practice teaching in schools the well-known academician Shchetinina for gifted children.

Boris consciously claims that he came to Earth in order to facilitate the distribution of knowledge, depending on the quality and level of people so that bad people on the planet became less and less.

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