On Google maps found the wreckage of an unidentified space ship

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Internet users have discovered on Google Earth the ruins of the strange object, which many mistook for a spaceship. «Flying saucer» crashed in the Antarctic island of South Georgia, home to 20 people.

На картах Google обнаружили обломки неопознанного космического корабля

Ufologists and researchers of the paranormal believe that such a large footprint on Snejana cover could leave only the alien ship.

However, not all believe in alien captured on video object.

Photographer nick Rain606, which, according to him, visited the island in the Royal Navy of great Britain, says that scattered around the Network frames are fixed effects descended the glacier.

«Representatives of the research station has asked us to do with air photos of the whole island to document the population and habitat of deer. I confidently claim that the object in the picture is a result of descended the glacier. Excuse me,» said Internet user.

South Georgia island is part of the UK.

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