The researcher found the mystical clues in the photos of tourists Dyatlov

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Famous Russian blogger and a researcher of supernatural phenomena Valentin Degterev claims that he may have been able to lift the veil of secrecy Shrouding the death of a group of tourists Dyatlov. Eerie unexplained event that occurred in the Northern Ural mountains on the night of 2 February 1959 a group of 9 Soviet tourists led by Igor Dyatlov, still excites the minds of earthlings, and Degterev is no exception.

Исследователь нашел мистические зацепки на фотографиях тургруппы Дятлова

Valentin have thoroughly studied the black-and-white images taken by the camera Dyatlova on the fed and was found after their death, and found something strange on two nothing, it would seem, is not remarkable footage. The first of them shows a man-made entrance to the cave, made in the form of a human silhouette. On the second frame, one of the members of the group with interest considering Mansi the temple. In addition, in the background there is another remarkable detail.

Исследователь нашел мистические зацепки на фотографиях тургруппы Дятлова

The mountain Kholat syakhl, where under mysterious circumstances killed a Dyatlova, is, as we know, the ritual complex of the Russian indigenous Mansi people. Here mansiy anciently held their pagan rituals. However, due to the imposed Mansiysk Christianity their faith to a certain extent assimilated with the Orthodox Church and had elements of theism. The Soviet government treated the people quite well as other minorities, however, struggling with «obscurantism,» still repressed some local shamans.

In the 30-ies of the last century there was a legend that mansiy protect the sacred mountain Kholat syakhl from outsiders, since there is a variety of powerful rituals involving spirits and deities. If this is true, says Degterev, Dyatlova clearly broke all these taboos. They probably approached the cave in the form of a huge human silhouette, where shamans performed their rituals. And can, and went inside. In addition, the second an interesting picture of the domestic, the researcher discovered a man standing under the trees at some distance. Maybe it was one of Mansi witches? Or just a fancy parabolicheskie illusion?

It should be noted that after the death of tourists Dyatlov local Mansiysk was first suspected. Law enforcement agencies with all the severity interviewed vogulka, but has made no one the confessions. Any evidence that pointed to the connection of the people with the death of the Russian tourists also were found. However, this version continued to exist in the environment independent researchers of this tragedy. Do Degterev confirmed that the Dyatlova really ruined Mansi? Could there be a mystical force, which was worshipped by the people? For example, in a number of articles about Yakutia, we have repeatedly mentioned the power of the Siberian shamans. So cleaver, let Mansi should punish students for the desecration of the sanctuary? In this case, to find the truth, that is, who and how killed you guys, just impossible…

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