In Washington state, a mysterious force knocked over a hundred Mature trees in the Park

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National Park in Washington state, a mysterious force pushed more than one hundred large and Mature trees. Many trees not just knocked down, and with incredible force broken like matches. The only likely scientific explanation involves extremely powerful winds, but meteorologists say that nothing of the kind in this region at that day were not observed.

About the event the effects of which are noticed in the early morning of 27 January 2018, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Affected trees from the Olympic National Park in the area near the North shore of lake Quinault.

The incident referred to as mysterious, as the competitive edge that day there was no squally winds in this area, as was normal weather.

В штате Вашингтон загадочная сила повалила свыше ста крепких деревьев в парке

В штате Вашингтон загадочная сила повалила свыше ста крепких деревьев в парке

None of the meteorological devices is also not recorded wind anomalies. Was put forward theoretically possible version of accidental «micropore» of the wind, but a spokesman for the National weather service rejected this option so as so as to fell over 100 Mature trees the wind was blowing at a speed of 70-80 mph (112-128 km per hour). This speed is the wind speed in a strong hurricane and it’s impossible not to notice.

Also in this area there were no conditions to create such a «microsporida». In the day in some areas of the state was marked by a region with reduced pressure in the atmosphere and strong windy. But in this Park were noted.

So the mystery of fallen trees in the Olympic national Park in Washington state yet remains a mystery.

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