A group of Dyatlov was killed by a bounty hunter from the KGB

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It turns out the whole story with the mysterious death of group of tourists in February 1959, may have quite different causes. Today «live» there are only a few versions. The first (in my opinion the most faithful), it is a participation in the death of their local hunters who could thus punish tourists for violating the peace of their places of worship. The second version is less well known. It is connected with possible illegal miners. Who could not enjoy the attention of tourists, so they them is eliminated. The third version is associated with a personal conflict within the group. The reason is diverse. From jealousy, to the banal envy. All other versions it is already possible not to consider. Or not so simple?

Группу Дятлова убили охотники за головами из КГБ

I’m not going to throw not one of these versions. However, I will try to come up with a new version. And make the most of it justified by the evidence.

In 2014, the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» in Moldova, published its own investigation into the tangled history. The words of the journalists who passed them typewritten copies of documents from the archive of the KGB of the USSR for 1958, 59 year. All documents were associated with the group of Dyatlov. To establish their authenticity failed. However, it is most likely real. Genuine. All documents reports of KGB informants. Reference, the results of the searches, examinations of the scene. As well as orders and instructions to the search teams. I will try to tell you about them very briefly.

All readings begin with the interrogation convicted in 1944 of a soldier. That in 1942 surrendered to the Germans. Entered the service in a punitive battalion in the SS division. Took part in raids on guerrillas. For all this received its 15 years in the camps. He served his sentence in Ivillage. January 30, 1959 addressed to the office 3 12 I went. To testify was taken to Ivdel’. In his words 25 January 1959 in the village of Vijay, he met a middle-aged man, which in August 1944, he fled from the Germans. He was also a soldier of the Wehrmacht. So together they broke through the front line, and that there would finally be lost. His name he did not know, but well remembered appearance. This man was part of a group of tourists. District Department of the KGB quickly «calculated». It was Semyon Zolotarev.

The following documents are orders. It says that earlier this area was eliminated a group of saboteurs from among former members of the ROA and the SS. The new group of saboteurs will operate in the guise of tourists, or search groups. In it there are people who have athletic training. As well as having experience of service in the ranks and sabotage units of the red army. In addition, these people have been trained in the school of saboteurs in Germany. So as they say that one of these people was a physical education teacher, we can say for sure that it’s all about Semen Zolotarev.

Further documents have a few other topics. It can be seen that in the flat Seeds Zolotarev was searched. Found a photograph of the Seeds in the form of the Wehrmacht (Sergeant-major). Shop from the German gun. Golden ring of German production. Three thousand rubles. A dozen letters. Awards of the USSR and the order. Then there is the report of the informant that saw Zolotarev was found with another man. She said they talked about how some of them were Germans. Unfortunately the source Zolotareva has not been questioned since got injured after this meeting. Several documents for the group. But there’s nothing interesting found. In addition to piece of writing the Zina Kolmogorov Igor Dyatlov. There, she asks him to talk to her. A letter found in an old house, where they are the last «civilized» lot. My conclusion now is: I don’t think Zolotarev was a traitor. Most likely it was one of his jobs. He infiltrated the Abwehr to identify agents. When the job came to an end, he crossed the front line. Why I think so? There is a very important moment in his military career. Mysterious biography Seeds Zolotarev. Natalia and Nikolai Varsegov «Komsomolskaya Pravda»: «1570 Battalion was composed of the 24th infantry brigade of the 8th army sapper only 1.04.1942. In the questionnaire Simon writes that he is in it since October 1941. It turns out, for six months (!) Simon serves in the battalion, which simply doesn’t exist! Battalion 1570 suffered a sad fate. In the course of long fights near Kharkov in the summer of 1942 it was virtually destroyed by the Germans. 291 people missing». The same applies to other locations Zolotarev. I think that Zolotaryov was transferred to the Germans in 1941. And only in August 1944, moved back. All the other facts of his biography, awards and medals were issued to him by another «legend». The main part remains a mystery. In Wigae it really identified people with whom he crossed the front line. As he quickly said, already in early February the group released the special forces of the KGB. Most likely they were dressed like hunters Muncie. The reason is simple. The fact that in these parts already had a group of German saboteurs. All mention of it is in the story of the operation «Ulm».

It is logical to imagine that having received information that a group of Igor Dyatlov is possible a German spy, as well as two engineer-scientist, the KGB began to act immediately. Particularly check. Therefore, the group Dyatlova just beaten with rifle butts on the slope of a snowy mountain. All other actions were taken in order to clear themselves of suspicion. Apparently, then, the security officers realized that there was no saboteur wasn’t there. So the legend about a certain group of scouts illegal immigrants that killed the tourists. Then the documents were destroyed-except for those mysterious copies. However traces of the ski on a mountain slope, completely remove the failed. On the photo search works they are. Thus, it is clear why this story has such secrecy. Addition. Found a very interesting discovery. It appears in the German archives there is information on prisoner of war a Sergeant by the name of Alexander Zolotarev. Were released from captivity. On the forum of dallevedove this information simply kicked. But none of these sects did not pay attention that the name of Alexander Zolotarev. Our Zolotarev so everywhere was called. He did not like his real name Simon. If this is true, Zolotarev was in German captivity. Where, apparently,came to study in the Abwehr. Most likely by order of the command of the red army.


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