Users of Reddit say that snaking a real zombie

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Of course, the «zombie photo» will sound to many of us are not as intriguing as the «photo of Bigfoot» or «photo of a flying saucer». And the reason is quite simple: to forge such a picture is much easier. Dirty clothes, heavy make-up, night landscape as the background and the frame with the «walking dead» is ready. However, users of the popular social network Reddit recently said that they probably managed to get an authentic picture of the mythical living dead. And interesting here is not only the picture but also the veil of secrecy Shrouding his appearance on the world wide web.

Пользователи «Reddit» утверждают, что заполучили фото настоящего зомби

It all started over a week ago. In several major English language sites appeared blurred image, showing a mysterious human figure close to the night forest. An unidentified man stands on a dark road near the trees and the like shall hand to the photographer. He gorblen, and his face completely white, like a bare skull. Person or group of persons that publish this frame, put in him the strange message in the form of a set of characters. No one managed to decipher the code because a couple of minutes later the picture was deleted from everywhere without any warning.

Пользователи «Reddit» утверждают, что заполучили фото настоящего зомби

Fortunately, one of the users of Reddit was able to restore reduced copy of the mysterious photograph from the cache on your browser. You can see it below. The regulars of the resource started to wonder what was the cause of the emergency removal of an image from the web? Many thought that the neural network «Google» has considered on the full-sized version of the image of the dead man and automatically removed these images as obscene. Similarly, the robots «Google» and remove the usual pictures of corpses so as not to injure the psyche of users. However, in our case we can not talk about the ordinary dead, since he is out on his feet!

However, zombies are not so mythical characters, if you carefully understand the issue. Among the inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands have long known that black voodoo magic allows to revive the dead and bend them to his will. However, these puppets are not. My body unquestioningly obey the mighty sorcerer or witch, but over time, decomposes and comes, so to speak, into disrepair. Is that ominous picture really captures the true zombie raised someone from the grave, say, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Dominican Republic or Barbados?..

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