An incredible phenomenon Uttara Cheddar

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Невероятный феномен Уттары Худдар

The famous researcher of such phenomena as reincarnation, canadian-American psychiatrist Ian Stevenson in the seventies of the last century met with a resident of the Indian city of Nagpur, which was called Uttara Cheddar. The uniqueness of this Indian woman was the fact that she could speak the old Bengali language, which existed until the nineteenth century, and which was not yet 20 per cent of the words borrowed from English (the influence of the British colonial policy) .

Uttara Hudder said in the ancient Bengali language absolutely freely, like she was born and grew up in West Bengal before the nineteenth century or at the beginning.

What happened to Uttara Judder?

The woman, being a native of the city Nakuru, located in Central India, also spoke fluent Marathi, knew Hindi and even English. However, in the 32 Uttara suddenly began to identify with the person by the name of Charade for some time even stopped to see relatives and spoke in the ancient Bengali language.

Невероятный феномен Уттары Худдар

A team of scientists led by Ian Stevenson a few months researched this a phenomenal event. After hearing from women that the father’s Charade’m Brant Chattopadhaya, scientists searched the archives and said that in the early nineteenth century in Bengal in fact the family lived this man, however, according to the tradition of the region in the genealogy mentioned only men, and therefore to determine whether there existed then the Charade failed. However, this «imposter» too good to know all the male relatives of the family Chattopadhaya, accurately described, was well versed in the kitchen of the period of Bengal and its customs, so what a coincidence all this is, as argued by Ian Stevenson, can not call.

There was something else, the more that seemed the case back in the Indian Khuddar possessed by another person.

Reincarnation or the shares of the soul?

Stevenson eventually came to the conclusion that the phenomenon of Judder-Charades – this is likely a case of so-called xenoglossia, that is, we can talk more about possession than of reincarnation.

Charade is a disembodied personality who was once a real person who died in the early nineteenth century, will write it later in a scientific report. — A half century she somehow possessed the body of Uttarā Cheddar. But the other part of the story still convince us that reincarnation, in this case also takes place. For example, Uttara somehow from early childhood had an interest in Bengal and to the Bengali, is she even in school trying to learn the Bengali language. It is possible, Judder still is the reincarnation of Charades, but it manifested itself as something very strange, and fully into adulthood, that’s why it is very similar to the effect of xenoglossia. It is an incredible phenomenon that we had never met. And this phenomenon is not yet fully understood.

However, and the reincarnation of many scientists, especially academic science, is rejected. And then the phenomenon of rebirth, and even with the signs of possession. Right a mystery within a mystery…

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