On the Thai beach washed mysterious creature

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На таиландский пляж вымыло загадочное существо

English traveler Louis Bourgoin, who is currently on vacation in Thailand, made a mysterious discovery on one of the beaches of Asian countries. According to the man, he found in the sand of «alien» and immediately took a photo of it to upload images to the Internet .

At first, netizens reacted to this discovery with skepticism. Seeing a static image, commentators wrote that the belching whale, the strange egg of some sea animal or something like this. However, Burgoyne said in response that incomprehensible thing, it appears, moves, and rushed to capture it on video. Include the following video, you will be able to see this mysterious action with my own eyes.

The Briton reports that it wanted first to include amazing animal in the water, returning him to his usual habitat, however, «alien» began to squirm and, most strange, to whistle softly, so frightened the man quickly left the finding on the sand and even hurried away from the mysterious creature at a safe distance. After a few photos and videos, he soon withdrew.

Many regulars of the world wide web decided that it really was an alien organism. Others decided that it is the creation of terrestrial origin, however, so rare that it probably is not known to the official science: deep sea after studied for 5 percent. And what, in your opinion, is the nature of this strange creature?

Video: Thai beach washed mysterious creature

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