Mysterious sky rings over the Krasnoyarsk may have earthly origin

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Загадочные небесные кольца над Красноярском могут иметь земное происхождение

Experts rushed in to deal with the origin of the strange circles in the sky over Krasnoyarsk, said that this phenomenon had frightened many residents of the city, hardly something to do with the ethereal mind and the UFO invasion. According to them, the explanation is seen by the people most likely much more simple.

In particular, experts tend to assume that the speech in this case goes about the usual smoke emanating from a large pipe and formed into rings, which then flew over the city and disturbed the inhabitants of the area Sodic.

As noted by the researchers, the mysterious phenomenon of having a terrestrial origin, even is a space character, because it makes itself felt only in the lower atmosphere.

«And because there is nothing astronomical, and the alien invasion, however. Most likely, there were rings of thick smoke coming from definitely big pipe. This can be considered as an explanation of what people saw,» said one of the scientists.

However, experts do not rush to write off, and the version associated with the accumulation of some insects or even birds. In addition, at the worst, they always have the opinion that someone just wanted to play the Krasnoyarsk residents and made fake pictures and videos, and actually no one saw.

The version with the mounting looks very unconvincing even against the authority of researchers to address this question, since there were enough witnesses, firmly declared that the rings in the sky really was, and they saw with their own eyes.

It is worth noting that the experts themselves are not ready to statement that they are sure in the earthly origin of the mysterious rings, and first appeared in many places of the world.

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