And whether Dolynych period?

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А был ли долунный период?

Today it is hard to imagine a time when the sky would be the moon. But this era was really. This fact, for example, known from the manuscripts of ancient thinkers. They argued that the Orb of the moon appeared on the horizon after the birth of the Earth. Also, in the works of Apollonia of Rhodes, who lived in the 3rd century BC, was the reference to the opinion of Aristotle, claimed that long ago, when people ate only plant foods, the sky was the moon. Plutarch also has links to the «Dolynych» period of development of the Earth.

Modern researchers are not trying to refute the opinion of the ancient scientists on the question of the real existence of the «no moon» period. In addition, the many versions of the appearance of the satellite. One of them, for example, is of the opinion that the Moon first was an ordinary planet in the Solar system, but the disaster could not resist on their own orbit and «spun» around our planet.

But there is speculation much more interesting… Scientists have linked this version with a number of unexpected findings, which still have not given a clear explanation.

The hypothesis is very interesting and kind of logically constructed. According to her, once, aeons ago, the Earth’s orbit there was a huge spaceship in which our planet is attacked by many alien creatures. He hovered over the Ground at a distance of 36 thousand kilometers, becoming a satellite of the earth and our nocturnal luminary – the Moon. The arrival of aliens leading to large changes: the shape of the planet was egg-shaped, and in the Western hemisphere has accumulated an incredibly large mass of water.

The aliens were quite happy with the discovery of the Earth. They have begun mastering the planet. Certainly, an alien civilization far superior to the existing human level of development.

And then in outer space allegedly there was a terrible accident, which resulted in a series of terrible events. About them, for example, tells the ancient Indian book Mahabharata, which describes the war of the gods, the death of cities… It was then that the Moon came down from geostationary orbit and became a satellite of the Earth. The Earth was formed another configuration of the World ocean. Began devastating earthquakes, floods (it is possible that we are talking about the time of the flood described in the Bible). Traces of an advanced civilization was ruthlessly destroyed by the raging elements, and the surviving people managed to take refuge in caves, were the first inhabitants of the stone age.

The tragedy ended the Golden age, when space aliens helped people, taught and healed them, flying fast aircraft, capable of flight in outer space.

After the crash survived one of the stations of the aliens, located between the moon and the planet. The aliens decided to put her on the Ground, or rather «pripadnici» it. A water landing was the most sparing for the huge spacecraft. The scouts of the aliens have found a good place to land, finding deep Bay, surrounded by a group of Islands. This drive ship, in consequence, became legendary Atlantis, and aliens, Atlanteans. Atlanta continued to «cestovat» over people, renewing their genetic experiments on people, forming a new civilization. And then, and Atlanta vanished from the Earth.

And what about the Moon. Observations have shown that this is not just a desert celestial body. Astronomers often recorded light effects and movement of the lights, bearing the signs of artificial origin.

When the American ship «Appolon-13» dropped third step on the surface of the satellite, its surface was subjected to a prolonged oscillation and acting like she’s a hollow Gong. Further studies showed that the Moon has clearly identified areas of increasing magnetic field and at a depth of 100 km are large pieces of ferromagnetic materials. Scientists have also disproved the notion that the moon has no water appeared from the depths of the moon seeping water vapor.

If you take note of all findings and known history of the Earth, perhaps this version is not so much «insane».

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