Misery-fated ships named «Moscow»

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Names prisvoenie ships occasionally be fatal for them. And here we are talking not about some innocent, safe for people, beyond «jokes», and very different, in essence, paranormal phenomena or, more accurately, processes, menacing, mysterious, frightening. We are talking about numerous deaths of human!

Doom, zmyslony and implemented in practice a kind of evil diabolical mind, pursued all the Russian ships, which had the name «Moscow».

Tsar Peter I built the first such ship, but for some unknown reason he was left out in the cold and in the end was commissioned by Empress Anna Ivanovna on the wood. The same fate befell soon following Russian 66-gun ship of the same name.

Несчастья, преследовавшие корабли с названием "Москва"

Many years have passed, and was again launched from the stocks into the water again, the 66-gun ship «Moscow». Less than a year, he was thrown by a storm on the rocks near the Baltic port of Liepaja, where and sank. Half the crew died.

In the early nineteenth century plied the Mediterranean in the squadron of Admiral Senyavin 74-gun «Moscow». A sad fate befell her. For purely mercenary reasons, the ship was sold to the French, and then repeatedly distinguished himself in battle… Russian Navy!

At the end of the nineteenth century, in calm, absolutely calm weather in the Red sea suffered a terrible crash of a mysterious Russian ship «Moscow». There were then no human casualties.

In June 1941, near the black sea port of Constanta was a strange event, almost unbelievable. The new leader of our destroyers «Moscow» was suddenly attacked our submarine! And very quickly sank, taking down with him the lives of almost all members of his crew.

Несчастья, преследовавшие корабли с названием "Москва"

Many years later after the war was laid on the stocks of heavyweight cruiser «Moskva», however, not completed, left this venture. On Board built anti-submarine cruiser all the time is happening something strange.

It seemed that the cruiser, like a magnet, attracted all sorts of trouble. On Board exploding helicopters, flashed here and there fires, including strong, there was an epidemic of suicide among sailors.

The most interesting: according to the categorical claims of many sailors, as well as individual officers were seen on Board of a man in a sailor uniform obsolete-fitting, not included in the lists of crew of the cruiser. The holds of the ship which was being built silently wandered translucent Ghost of the «white sailors», as dubbed it in the cruiser. His appearances he was sowing panic among the crew members.

A large and representative Commission tried to analyze the events that happened on Board the «Moscow», but to any certain conclusions did not come.

Members of the Commission especially taken out of yourself and annoying stories about encounters with the Ghost of the «white sailors». However, without exception, among those who met with the Ghost, insisted on the veracity of his testimony about these creepy encounters.

Несчастья, преследовавшие корабли с названием "Москва"

In the end the construction of «unhappy cruisers» was suspended on orders from above. It was sold for scrap to India.

Shortly afterwards our brave admirals who do not believe in any miracles, renamed the missile cruiser of the black sea fleet «Slava» in Moscow. Immediately on Board the ship, the chain of accidents which had never happened before. The accident was of such wide scope and specific properties that brought the cruiser down.

For many years the ship was laid up, had no funds for its repair. Several times I raised the issue of decommissioning.

But the last «Moscow» lucky in August 1999, the cruiser re-entered into the system. And by the end of 2016 guards missile cruiser «Moskva» headed the list of best ships of the black sea fleet. The name curse was finally lifted?

Несчастья, преследовавшие корабли с названием "Москва"

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