Stinking desert Yeti California

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Sightings of Yeti, Bigfoot and other Snow people you can find around the globe. But it seems that they mostly come from forested areas, and in such places as the arid desert these beings apparently do not live. In fact, there are many reports of observation of large hairy humanoids in the desert areas and not somewhere in India or Africa but in southern California, where there is a large of the Mojave desert.

One such story came from a place known as the Badlands Borrego (Borrego Badlands). It is close to San Diego. People and a lot of dry canyons, withered the valleys, dangerous cracks in the ground and leaving a lot of deep underground caves. The Borrego Badlands of California are included in national Park Desert State Park Anza-Borrego.

Borrego Wasteland

Зловонные пустынные йети Калифорнии

For many hundreds of years, from the time of Indian settlements, then there are stories about tall hairy humanoid creature. When in 1769 the first Spanish settlers arrived in San Diego, they have heard many times from the Indians the stories of the creature was given the nickname «Hairy Devil.» The creature was described as extremely fetid, anthropoid and very dangerous for people.

A colony of these creatures dwelled in a certain place near the river Santa Ana and this place local called «towis puki», which translates as «the camp of the Devil.» All the travelers were warned to stay away from this place, but apparently not all are frightened by these stories, as there is a lot of stories about encounters with the «hairy Devil.»

In the mid-1800-ies with the advent of stagecoach road routes people are more likely to meet these creatures near the place called «dead man’s Hole» («Deadman’s Hole»), by which held the intersection of two stagecoach routes. So at the beginning of 1876, one of the passengers of the stagecoach colorfully described as a terrible creature staring at him from a short distance.

And soon after that, along the roads began to find the mutilated remains of travelers. It was believed that these people were victims of wild animals, but all of these deaths looked very strange.

Зловонные пустынные йети Калифорнии

In April of 1876 in the newspaper «San Diego Union» has published an article digger Turner helm, who along with a partner went to the ranch of Walter that was close by near the «den of the Dead», and came across humanbeast. According to Turner frightened, the creature looked like a «missing link» (this is the term Charles Darwin called transitional form between APE and man).

All the creature’s body was covered in short thick fur, like the fur of a bear, but it was definitely not a bear, as the prospector had described a completely humanoid beings face.

«From head to toe it was covered in short black fur with a length of 2-3 inches (5-7 cm), but the hair and beard were thicker and much longer. Growth it was from a man of medium height, and facial features, he was remarkably thin and the face was a bit like the face of a Spaniard or white American settler».

In our days in the Borrego Badlands, a sculpture of the Yeti

Зловонные пустынные йети Калифорнии

Turner and his partner tried to speak with this creature in English, but it did not understand them. Then they spoke Spanish and even a little on the language of the local Indians, but all was in vain. Creature all this time was standing there looking at people, but then began to come closer and only stopped when the terrified men grabbed their guns. Then the creature stepped back and disappeared out of sight.

After a few years in March 1888 in the newspaper «San Diego Transcript» there was a story of two hunters, Charles Cox and Edward Dean. Men specifically went to the «Hole is dead», because he was angry about many strange cases of murder of local people. All the murders were brutal and it was unclear who could make them. Cox and Dean blamed a mysterious beast and went in search of him.

During their wanderings in the «Hole» dead man they came upon the creature from behind seemed to them to bear. But then it turned and was very surprised hunters.

«His legs were quite long and it is with their help, could you to move with ease on steep rocky slopes and around the rubble, and apparently it was very similar to the gorilla. His body is completely covered with long hair of dark brown color, and the growth of it was at least 6 feet (1.8 meters).

The forelimbs were very similar to a human hand and moved it is done humanly. The body itself was rounded and devoid of a tail. Face looked like the face of an Indian and could see the teeth, but that was not the predator’s teeth, but rather teeth of herbivorous animal.»

After Cox and Dean considered it a creature, they decided to kill him and shot him. The carcass according to them weighed about 400 pounds (180 kg) and hunters were convinced that this creature was responsible for the cases of mysterious deaths of people in the area. According to the journalist, the creature’s body after it was sent to San Diego to study, but then his tracks disappeared.

In subsequent years, the monster from Borrego was seen less often (perhaps that creatures after killing one of them have become much more carefully to avoid encounters with people), but cases were. In 1939, the owner of a small shop told me that when he went Hiking in the Borrego Badlands, him during the camp was surrounded by a pack of APE-like creatures.

Interestingly, they all had fur unusual blue color. Eyes glowing with red fire and the creature was apparently very angry at the man. But fortunately the tourist creatures scared the fire and then they disappeared into the darkness and never returned to it.

Зловонные пустынные йети Калифорнии

The subsequent surge of activity observation of a strange desert Yeti in southern California occurred in 1964. Father and son went on a hike in the Escondido area, and there they pounced-like creature and threw stones at them. In those days on a ranch West of the Park, Anza-Borrego was murdered and mutilated three cows.

One of those who in that year was trying to catch a mysterious creature in the area, was a marine Stoneyou Victor (Victor Stonayow) possibly of Russian origin. He found many unusual three-toed footprints with a length of 14 inches (35 cm) width 9 inches (22 cm). He argued that not only saw them, but then he came back there took a plaster casts. The truth now about these casts is not known.

In 1968 a man named Harold Lancaster spent in this area of exploration, and met the strange creature.

«I saw a man wandering the desert, until he came closer, I thought. what is someone from the local miners. But then I hesitated, took the binoculars and got a good look at it. And it was the most bizarre sight in my life, it was a real APE!

I heard about similar creatures in the area just above here, they are being loud and scared people. But I thought it was a hoax and that they do not exist. But now I saw firsthand one of them and it was huge.

And I realized that I was in front of him completely exposed, and my gun for him is like a bullet to the elephant. But I was very afraid that it will get too close and so I decided to shoot in the air. I did two shots. Hearing the gunshots, the creature jumped into the air a good three feet from fear or surprise. Then turned his head in my direction and ran away.»

In 1985 the Park Anza-Borrego Desert State Park again discovered huge humanoid footprints, and then in the 80-ies and 90-ies there were a few steep short stories about the observation of these creatures, and gradually come to nothing.

In our time in the Badlands Borrego no longer see a desert Yeti and it’s hard to say why. Maybe these creatures have become more cautious or they have gone out to other places.

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