A resident of Florida in the eye settled swine parasite

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Sam Cordero (Cordero Sam) living in Florida, USA, on Christmas day as usual dinner of pork ham. Almost two months after that he began to have serious vision problems.

His left eye is now constantly saw many black dots. The man went to the ophthalmologist and he found inside left eye Sam threat tape worm called the pork tapeworm or pork tapeworm.

If this worm is dead inside the eye, the man would lose the ability to see. And if the worm began to grow, then soon would have ruined eyes, as the swine cepni can reach a length of 2-3 meters.

У жителя Флориды в глазу поселился свиной паразит

It is reported that the specimen was discovered in the vitreous body of the eye between the retina and the back wall. After Sam told me. what had ham for Christmas, it became clear how the worm got into the body. Apparently the pork was undercooked, so the eggs of the parasite is not killed.

У жителя Флориды в глазу поселился свиной паразит

Once in the human intestine from the egg hatched the worm, he moved from the gut to the head and a donkey in the eye. It would be even worse if he has reached the brain, grew up and began to lay eggs.

In this case, the worm discovered in time. He has not had time to grow up and was a length of only 3 mm. During the successful operation , the patient carefully removed the worm from the eye.

У жителя Флориды в глазу поселился свиной паразит

According to Dr. don Perez, in 2012 it conducted a similar operation, he claims, however, that such cases are actually very rare and worldwide in recent years there are more than 20.

Adult pork tapeworm

У жителя Флориды в глазу поселился свиной паразит

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