Detractors sent evil spirits on a woman

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My great-grandmother Natalia A. Ivanin lived in the village between byakovo Navlinskoy district of the Bryansk region. Her husband after the Civil war, he returned home, but in war he was severely wounded and so soon after he died. Great-grandmother was left alone with four children.

She lived in poverty, got out as could. In the village was the Church, stood the house of the parish priest. Prababushkin the house was near the Church and she helped a priest’s family on the farm.

Once, when there was a Great post, Natalia habitually went to help, but the door was locked, and she entered the house from the yard. Imagine her surprise when she saw the priest with his friend, a priest from the neighboring village, sitting at the table, which was bacon and eggs, and brew!

Недоброжелатели наслали нечистую силу на женщину

Such ugliness Natalia broke down and gave full blast — she has four children sit hungry, because of the post, and father on preaching advises everyone to be patient, but he fattens. Then Natalie in the Church do not go, but believe in God have not stopped.

Came the 1930-ies, terrible, hungry for the peasants. In order not to starve to death, Natalia Bryansk took the linen, threads, needles, different things and traveled to the Ukraine (it’s very close) to change items on products. Went mostly to the villages. So it was at that time that I want to tell.

It was late autumn. The day is short, dark early. Natalia came back from the same village, wanted daylight to get to the station, but paused and realized that the station not be reached. It was dark, to walk on the empty road it was scary.

On the way came across a small village, and Natalia began to ask on the night. Nobody wanted to put, and then in the same house pointed to the hut, where lived a lonely woman, saying that she might be allowed. Natalia went there. Came a woman of about sixty, listened to who and where he is going, but let at first did not want.

However, so great-grandmother tearfully asked that the hostess took pity and allowed to spend the night. Fed, but to sleep in the house left, and made a bed in the hallway. Great-grandmother and it was extremely delighted.

Middle of the night, Natalie woke up because he heard the house voice. Talked the lady and some men. At first the grandmother was surprised: after all, she slept in the hallway, and past her was no. But then when she listened and heard what they say in the house, her hair stood on end. The hostess was clearly evil!

A terrible voice he asked: — Who is lying in the hall?

— It is a poor drifter, — replied the hostess, and begged that she not be touched.

Fortunately, the evil spirits obeyed her and began to torment the owner. Behind the door started rattling, the owner begged me to let her go.

My great grandmother was very religious, all the night without respite she read prayers. In the morning, the landlady asked her how she slept. She admitted that they had heard in the house vote. And then the woman told the sad story of how detractors have cast a curse on her, and since her nights started to be evil.

She had to do dark deeds, for example, she secretly decanted milk from the village cows. But she did all this against their will. If she refused, was impure force and began to torture her.

In confirmation of the words the hostess showed his cellar full of butter and cheese. A large lump of butter she gave Natalia. That took, because children need something to feed them, but this oil did not eat.

The story is true, told me daughter Natalia, my grandma Anna. And I believe her.

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