The boy with red eyes in the mangroves

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The history Explorer of mysterious monsters Heart Strickler told the girl named Jackie, who lives in the city of Clewiston, Florida. It happened when the girl and her family sailed on a kayak through the famous Florida mangroves.

Mangroves or mangrove forest is an evergreen deciduous forests, growing in the littoral zone of the sea coasts and estuaries, which are flooded tidal 10-15 times a month, so it flooded about 40 % of the total time.

«When I was 17 and went on summer vacation. My mother once asked me kayaking with her dad, my aunt and my cousin. We rented two boats and slowly buried, enjoying the beautiful scenery. In a kayak, was I, aunt and sister, another with my parents.

Мальчик с красными глазами в мангровых зарослях

We rowed into the mangrove creeks for about an hour when I suddenly noticed in the water some movement. I looked down and there, under the water, right under our boat sailed is clearly a human figure. There were a lot of long mangrove roots and the water was shallow, but it is being very cleverly and effortlessly floated around tangled roots.

Finally I was able to consider it. It looked like a teenage boy with fairly long blond hair. When I realized that it is really a person, I gasped and apparently looked very scared, as aunt and sister pay attention to me. The boy also heard me and looked right in my face. His eyes were dark red and deep and I thought his look was angry and sad at the same time. After that, he disappeared, quickly swimming away towards the deep water.

Then I finally realized that my family is much alarmed at my condition. «You’re all right,» «What happened»? they asked me. I didn’t say anything, just nodded his head and said all right. We continued our boat trip and after a few minutes swam to another place.

I looked around the mangroves when suddenly saw the boy underwater. This time he swam and hid among the tangled mangrove roots and looked at me with a very gloomy face. His eyes were large and now bright red. I thought we probably got on it and it is best we hurry to leave.

We started to get out of the mangroves to more open water, but I still felt the gaze of the boy. Then the wind picked up and became colder. My sister decided to take our swimming to the camera and stood upright in the boat, and my aunt was holding her legs.

Then a strong gust of wind tipped the boat and sister fell right into the water. I began to help her get into the boat. Then I remembered about a boy with red eyes and looked to where saw his face for the last time. But there he was gone.

I panicked. Sister hasn’t got on a boat and somehow I was afraid that the boy might do something bad to her while she’s in the water. I shouted to the nurse to get out and we finally dragged it in the boat. After that I said I wanted to go home. I was afraid that with us, something else will happen.

When we were standing on the side again I saw that boy in the water near the mangrove roots and he’s the most ominous way winked at me and then dived under the water and disappeared.

And my sister barely got out of the boat on shore, began to lament that she has a sore back and when she lifted the clothes we saw on the back of many large bruises. «I don’t remember how it happened,» — said sister and I told her that she must have hit under water on a hard root or a tree stump.

The very fact I knew that most likely it’s the boy in the water hit her.

A few years later I was back in that place and I told one of the men who worked there my story. He told me that was the beginning for this. He said that years earlier, one teenage boy bathed in the water with your friends and bet them on the money that he will be able to hold out very long under water on one breath. The boy was from a poor family and he really wanted to win to get money.

Over all natural. Teenager found drowned, and his parents were so shocked with grief that he committed suicide. And no one knows what then became of the body of the boy.

Later, I approached the water and saw again in marrah that boy. This time his eyes were blue and he stood and looked at me with a sad face. I waved and even smiled, and then turned to leave, but could not resist and looked back to where he was standing. But there he was gone. However, I know that he’s still out there somewhere and stays there forever.»

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