In the sky over Milwaukee filmed a large group of «Dementors»

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Almost everyone who sees this video is bound to say «Yes it’s a montage!». However, according to the American channel to FOX6 News, this entry is very real, and the strange, smoothly flying in different directions the objects were filmed over the city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) on the night of February 27, 2018.

These objects in the sky to view a few dozen. Outwardly, they look like a pack of Dementors from «Harry Potter» — a sinister ghosts in ragged cloaks. Objects move erratically in different directions.

В небе над Милуоки засняли большую группу "дементоров"

The phenomenon lasted about half a minute, after which all the objects disappeared from sight, seemed to have faded.

The Dementors of the «Harry Potter»

В небе над Милуоки засняли большую группу "дементоров"

Another video, also on Milwaukee, recorded a woman named Elizabeth Zilinskas. This entry is dated 24 February 2018 and it shows only a few bright lights in the sky. Elizabeth said that has no idea what is happening in the sky that night.

Somebody made a timid suggestion that the first video is likely a group of seagulls. But hardly anyone to agree with it. Gulls objects are not similar. On the second video much more similar to the classic «UFO».

What is flying at the end of February over Milwaukee?

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