Giant ancient geoglyphs of the Palpa valley — «sisters» Nazca

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Few people know that Nazca is not the only complex with giant images in Peru. Just 30 km North from the town of Nazca is a small town of Palpa, in the vicinity of which the plateau Pampa-Palpa is a huge number almost unknown geoglyphs.

The local population they were known but the interest of scientists attracted to them only in the early 1990s, a researcher of mysteries of the past Erich von d? Niken. As in the Nazca plateau of Palpa the main part of the image is stripes and lines, but there are also drawings. However, the complex Palps differs significantly from neskantaga.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

In the first place catches the eye of the unusual terrain of the plateau of the pampas — lots of low hills with very jagged slopes of the long tongues are issued into the plain, and on their flat tops are wide man-made stripes and lines. Even created the impression that the tops of these hills artificially cut specially before applied to images.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

In Palpa there is a strip whose width reaches several hundreds of meters. As in Nazca, here stripes and lines cross each other and overlap with one another, which clearly shows several different temporal periods of the printing.

Unlike the Nazca lines, where there is only one image of the human being, the so-called astronaut in Palpa about ten anthropomorphic geoglyphs made with varying degrees of skill and having different sizes. There are also images of animals and birds, but they are few.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

What distinguishes the complex from Nazca to Palpa? The presence of several geometric images, which is amazing in its complexity and mathematical proportions. First of all, this figure, which locals call «star», although most of the image looks like a mandala.

It consists of three rounds: two small and one large in the centre, connected to each other by lines in a single composition, the total amount of which reaches kilometers.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

The center of the composition depicts the right six-pointed star made of two triangles, which are inscribed in a double circle. In the center of the inner circle are two intersecting rectangle inscribed in another square, and inside it a 16-beam star.

On the whole composition, obeying some logic, located around the pit. And the small circle of the rings is made not by the line, and chains such as circular pits. In the centers of these small rings is depicted eight-pointed star.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

No doubt that this drawing is one of the key to the whole complex Palpa, but its meaning remains hidden from us. And the only analogy is the image that comes to mind is well known, but just as mysterious crop circles, as well mathematically rigorous and bearing the mysterious information.

Another no less mysterious Nazca is just a kilometre from the «stars». The local guides call it «the sundial», believing that the picture was used for observing the Sun. The center is the figure of the double helix or labyrinth from which the two sides goes straight zigzag of the six «wave» lines.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

Next to the «clock» is the whole set of bands and lines that in the seeming confusion crossed each other. But this is not the most amazing. At one end of the geoglyph there is a small image of a human head with two high «horns», and under it, wriggling snake!

Pictures of snake unknown elsewhere in Palpa and Nazca, but such images are typical in Cusco — the former capital of the Incas. Here such winding wavy snake often found on the stones of the masonry buildings.

Another mysterious Nazca — rectangular table, situated on top of a small mountain. It consists of overlapping, as on a chessboard, lines: 36 15 transverse and longitudinal. All lines are not continuous, they are dotted about rasua thus the table of many crosses.

Surprisingly, from the air, this figure is well visible, as the entire table is shining, as if made from shale rock. Next to her is a «bunch» of fine lines that overlap the image of man. And on top of the lines bearing the image of a circle surrounded by eight small squares. That is, the Nazca were made by unknown masters in at least three stages.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

One gets the impression that the complex Palpa, and Nazca were used by unknown people as a tool, used repeatedly and its creators did not exist any special problems when applied to long strips and line on rugged mountain terrain. Because the lines stretch for kilometers, almost never deviating from a straight line.

In Nazca it was estimated that the error is not more than five meters for lines with lengths more than five miles! And circles, spirals, squares have perfect geometric form. The surface of the plateau Palpa and Nazca is that the car, once passing through them, leaves a distinct mark. And many of the drawings surrounded by the wheel tracks made before the mid-1970s, when the Nazca lines were declared an archaeological reserve and is closed to land visits.

If, as suggested by modern scientists, figures and lines was performed by the Indians simply by digging the soil, after such extensive excavation would have to be a lot of trails stretching from the edge of the plateau to the images. But these roads do not have. Well, the Indians came to the place of work on the air, so as not to inadvertently leave marks?

Answer the questions, make a mysterious images of Nazca and Palpa, is still there. Although there are dozens of hypotheses, trying somehow to explain who and what created these geoglyphs.

Гигантские древние геоглифы долины Пальпа - "сестры" Наска

Unlike the Nazca lines, the study of which has been conducted since 1946, Palpa almost does not attract the attention of researchers. Although complex images in Palpa is much more diverse and geometric compositions like «star» or «sundial», in Nazca are simply not available. Perhaps the creators of the complex Nazca has lost some knowledge of their predecessors, while maintaining the application of the technology giant ground-based images.

Today plateau Palpa visited by tourists is much less than the Nazca, flights over the Palpa is made considerably less. But the pilots travel planes every year opens in Palpa new image. While some residents of the area say that the further East in the mountains there are several plateaus to the geoglyphs, which researchers simply do not yet know.

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