Children told how to birth lived in mom’s tummy and in Heaven

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If one day a child will tell you: «Mom, I like you, so I chose that you gave birth to me» — please, don’t be surprised. More than a third of children remember about their time in the womb.

Dr. Akira Ikegawa, author of «Mom, I’m here for you» and «When I saw the mother of the cloud», while research found that 1/3 of children remember about their time in the womb, and we can describe the birth.

Дети рассказали, как до рождения жили в мамином животике и на Небе

Ikegawa conducted a study in 36 kindergartens and two nurseries and interviewed 1620 children, whose average age was four years. While 33% of children said remember were in mommy’s tummy, and 21% of children remember the circumstances of his birth. These children are vividly and convincingly described the birth.

Year-old girl said, «When I heard a loud noise, before her eyes started to brighten». Another four-year-old said: «at First I wanted to get some sleep, but sleep didn’t happen.»

In the book «I remember! The period of time in my mom’s stomach,» the associate Professor of Fukushima University, Akita Iida statistics showed that 53 per cent of children have fetal memories, and 41% remembered their birth, according to an article on the website of the journal Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine in Taiwan.

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On the website of the School of medicine at the University of Virginia says: «some children Have memories of birth and prenatal memories, some of them remember the period when he was in the womb, and some remember about other spaces or rye».

In addition to the records about prenatal memory of children, in the books of Iida and Ikegami recorded some interesting descriptions of heaven or different space.

Дети рассказали, как до рождения жили в мамином животике и на Небе

Many children described the situation as before birth they were in the clouds, lived together with the angels and celestials. The children looked for the good, in their opinion, women to become their mothers, and when found, left the clouds and flew in the belly of the mother, wrote Akira Ikegawa.

The book is about a child who remembered how he and a lot of nebozhitelnitsa moved into the belly of his mother, five of nebozhitelnitsa returned to heaven, the rest formed the appearance of the baby as a person. After the formation of the nose, eyes, ears and other facial features, it was possible to prepare for the birth.

10-year-old girl remembers watching from the clouds down and saw that the mother is very affectionate, then decided to fly in mommy’s belly.

The dialogue between the five-year Japanese boy, Masahiro and his mother recorded on a journal article Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine:

Mom: «Masahiro before you come in mommy’s belly where you lived?»

Son: «he Lived above the clouds! And ahead was the desert.»

Mom: «Masahiro, you chose the father and mother?»

Son: «No, grandpa, look like from the store, so decided for me.»

Mom: «Not only children, adults also live in the clouds?»

Son: «Yes, grandfather, grandmother, and people like dad and mom, different people. Due to the fact that the clouds and blended cotton, they are turned into various food, very tasty!»

Дети рассказали, как до рождения жили в мамином животике и на Небе

One boy told the mother about «cleaning»:

«Being in the stomach, I remember that my mother often had a cough and thought that it may badly affect the fetus, so I stomach struggled trying to clean the mother. So now still love to clean. I was born to teach the mother to clean.»

Mom was very surprised because it at one time did not stop coughing when I was pregnant and was very worried that it will affect the baby.

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