Published a new video of the interception by American fighters

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Analytics company To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science has published a new video in which a U.S. air force plane keeping watch for unidentified flying object.

Опубликовано новое видео перехвата НЛО американскими истребителями

It is reported that the entry made by the F/A-18 Hornet in 2015, off the East coast of the United States at the height of 7, 5 thousand meters. You can see an oval object, which with great speed moving over the surface of the sea.

The negotiations of the pilots suggests that the UFO managed to capture the sight of only his third attempt, while earlier, the pilots were not met and surprised.

In December 2017, the Pentagon released a video 2004. The footage of American fighter jets trying to intercept a rotating UFO that is moving faster than any aircraft the US air force.

Earlier, the US Department of defense officially acknowledged the existence of «Expanded programme of identification of aviation threats», which from 2007 to 2012, the Agency was engaged in the study of unidentified flying objects. In total, the funding took about 22 million dollars.


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