Someone or something masquerades as the leading Western TV channels

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Perhaps this is yet another absurd conspiracy theory, however, the author provides convincing proof of his words. One of the known users of a video hosting of «YouTube» for a long time watched the American news and suddenly noticed a very strange behavior leading. Include the following entry, you will be able to observe this mysterious phenomenon themselves. You don’t even need to understand English in order to see what is meant by the author of this video. Curious and very suspicious, isn’t it?

Кто-то или что-то маскируется под ведущих западных телеканалов

It turns out that there is no American TV speaker, whose words were unique. Often these people say the same thing, word for word, and almost synchronously, as if the real robots! How is it possible that conspiracy theorists don’t know yet, but fully intend to find out. In the United States most of the TV channels are direct competitors to each other, and the speech for commentators write completely different people whose income depends on the uniqueness of these speeches. At least so it was assumed until the present time. Reality, it turns out, is quite different, that is the exact opposite.

Some believe that American casters are really robots, holograms, or even aliens masquerading as people. Others believe that a failure occurs in the so-called «Matrix», where supposedly living humanity. According to the third, there is a purposeful brainwashing of the audience, and to wash their brains are special phrases that repeat all over the news. Finally, the fourth very earthy put forward the hypothesis that the owners of the TV channels still save on the speeches of their speakers and buy them from the same hacks. Anyway, this interesting riddle is still unsolved.

Video: Someone or something masquerades as the leading Western TV channels


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