Elon Musk predicts the emergence of a brutal dictator, who is not a man

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Илон Маск предсказывает появление жестокого диктатора, который будет не человеком

Eccentric American billionaire Elon Musk, do not hesitate to make various fantastic statements, disappointed their fans with another disappointing Outlook. 46-year-old entrepreneur says we can expect the release of the heartless, treacherous and evil world leader, but they will not. Advanced computer network, having a brilliant intellect and, worst of all, immortality will begin to control all of the information, the finances and the weapons in the world, completely enslaving mankind .

Despite the fact that Ilona is often called a populist, the man, driving a friendship with many prominent politicians and academics, surely knows about the structure of the modern world significantly more than the average citizen. Musk is one of the people actively opposed to the endless perfection of artificial intelligence, but he regretfully acknowledges that to avoid the so-called «digital dictator» we will likely not be avoided. The founder of the Corporation «SpaceX» and «Tesla» believes that in the future scientists will create an artificial superintelligence who wish to rule the Earth to achieve a particular goal, most likely, it is not clear to mankind.

Artificial intelligence as a brutal dictator, or as a mastermind and a spiritual leader?

Human history knows enough examples of individuals who aspired to world domination: Alexander the great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, and many others. However, «digital dictator» is, according to the Mask, much more revealing and at the same time, a subtle tyrant than any of the above conquerors.

Илон Маск предсказывает появление жестокого диктатора, который будет не человеком

First, artificial intelligence is immortal. As the world of Internet, it is simultaneously everywhere, and it cannot be disable or destroy. Second, the AI will exhibit exponential growth in computational possibilities, there will continuously be improved and «multiply».
Third, the «digital dictator» will be deprived of even the basic human emotions, including compassion, and all his decisions will be dictated by the cold machine logic. If artificial intelligence suddenly decides that our planet will be better without people, it will destroy each of us without hesitation. Musk compares this solution with the construction of the road, which turned out to be an anthill. The builders will never be the ants to relocate or to pave the way to bypass the anthill and destroy the insects without any moral agony. To do so with humanity and AI.

No words, horrible picture of the future painted by the billionaire Elon Musk, but it has opponents – prominent scientists who believe that artificial intelligence will evolve not only in terms of computer capabilities, but as a person who will be not so much the brain of the Earth as its spiritual leader, setting finally «Paradise on earth». So that being said, let’s wait and see…

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