In the Kuril Islands discovered a large Deposit of rhenium

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На Курилах обнаружено крупное месторождение рения

Why is Japan so eager to return the Kuril Islands? The fact that it is not just the land needed for the accommodation of the large population of a relatively small Japan, the Kuril Islands – it is the richest region of mineral resources. It was confirmed by Russian geologists .

They found on the island of Iturup of the Kuril ridge a rich Deposit of rhenium, which is considered rare, and therefore valuable metal in the world. Moreover, the rhenium is very popular in the industry and the need for it has grown over the years because without him making the necessary alloys are needed to make the strongest turbines, jet engines and so on. That’s why rhenium is highly regarded in the world, the more that it is a year on the planet only about 60 tons over just yet. Not by chance, in the future, rhenium plan to produce… on Mars.

На Курилах обнаружено крупное месторождение рения

Now we can say that it is already in sufficient quantity and on Earth. The fact that on the island of Iturup reserves of rhenium is practically inexhaustible; moreover they are easily available. Rhenium is not even need to produce, he «spills» on the surface along with gas the local volcano «Curly», and in rather large quantities. The unique volcano can give per year to 30 tons of this precious metal, it is to give because the cost of production of rhenium in this case will be penny.

Why? The fact that the extraction of rhenium on «Curly» is not yet underway, although already developed the necessary technology to do this and even built the economic model. The thing is, as they say, the overcoming of bureaucratic barriers. And they, unfortunately, have, moreover, Russian liberals are still pushing the idea of returning the Kuril Islands to Japan, think, say, some piece of land on the edge of the world, a kind of «Kem parish».

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