NASA to hide evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations

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NASA может скрывать доказательства существования внеземной цивилизации

Professor from the United States Take Di Gregorio has accused the National space Agency in concealing the information associated with an extraterrestrial civilization, in particular, with the facts confirming its existence. The expert in the field of astrobiology hastened to declare that he has evidence of the reluctance of NASA to share with the public such data.

Di Gregorio suggests that Agency officials are already well informed and aware of the existence of alien life. Take been doing this for more than thirteen years at Cardiff Centre for astrobiology and ready to answer for his words. Moreover, the work of this researcher was once considered the most important at the University of Buckingham.

How claims Take, on the photographs taken by Curiosity on Mars, you can see the inhabitants of this planet. In addition, the expert believes that the Red planet inhabited by them for a long time.

NASA employees, in turn, do not doubt that the mysterious objects, which Take pictures demonstrated on the Internet, have absolutely no relation to the heavenly civilization. The Agency stated that they depict ordinary crystals, which is not surprising.

As for the assumptions Take Di Gregorio, a scientist does not understand, therefore after the appearance of the snapshot data Agency workers suddenly stopped any research in that area, where they found, in their opinion, only crystals.

Before Twitter, the American astronomer Antonio Paris has published photos of round balls on Mars, which became another occasion to talk about extraterrestrial civilizations. The shape of these balls proved to be just perfect, after which many began to say that they were done by someone manually. However, the scientists-skeptics have explained the nature of the findings by the compaction of sediments in areas of occurrence of coal on Mars.

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