The probability of meeting with the aliens is increasing every year — METI

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Вероятность встречи с инопланетянами возрастает с каждым годом - METI

Organization of METI suggested that the rapid development of aerospace technology speeds up a meeting with alien life forms. For many years mankind has struggled with the question of whether there are other civilizations and how to make contact with intelligent life forms. The President of the Corporation METI, Douglas Vakoch, made several assumptions about why mankind still can’t find sebadoh beings and what the company’s mission differs from similar NASA projects.

Scientific organizations conduct research in the field of search for extraterrestrial forms of life and are sending signals into space. What is different about this mission from space exploration by ships of NASA or other aerospace organizations? First and foremost, the speed of signal transmission. Currently the only ship that crossed the border of the Solar system is Voyager 1, but the speed is relatively small. He moves in space at a speed of not more than 61 thousand kilometers per hour. At the same time, the signals specialists, moving at the speed of light, which is equal to 1 079 252 848,8 kilometers per hour. In other words, to overcome the same distance that the ship will need more than 70 thousand years, the signal will take no more than five years.

In search of signals from intelligent beings, scientists from around the world every day analyze enormous amounts of information. This requires significant computing power. In other words, the signals may already have been received on the Ground, just at present, technology is not so advanced, to identify and, especially, to decipher them. The Director of METI hopes that in the coming decades, humanity will rise to a new stage in space exploration and decrypt data.

As an example, the rapid development of technology and electronic computing devices, he gives the example of personal computers. So today for the same amount you can buy two times more powerful PC than a whole year and a half ago. This suggests that the capacity of the equipment exponentially. That is why in the next few decades is expected a significant breakthrough in space exploration.

Many people tend to believe that an alien culture, of course, have to be aggressive, but the Land is constantly emanate radio signals, not released intentionally. In other words, the risk of alien invasion is not increased due to the fact that part of the signal is spread deliberately. The encoded signals of basic information about humanity, that we are a peace – loving, ready for communication. It is hoped that sooner or later humanity will be able to meet other peaceful sentient beings who might be much more developed and will share with us their amazing technology and knowledge about the Universe.

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