Ufologists found in the picture of the moon «a portal to another dimension»

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Уфологи нашли на снимке Луны «портал в другое измерение»

Ufologists from popular community «UFOmania» was considered recently by images of the natural satellite of the Earth taken in 1972 during the mission «Apollo 17», and suddenly found something strange. On one of the photos obtained by the lunar module of the us spacecraft, was an anomaly, looks suspiciously like a portal to another dimension .

Mysterious black circle inscribed within a blue oval, reminded the explorers of interstellar transport device from popular sci-Fi franchise «Stargate». In these TV series and movies told about the portal, intended for immediate move in different points of the Universe. Many commenters on YouTube also noticed this surprising similarity and confusion combed head.

The following video was collected over a couple of days over 22 thousand views. Skeptics, of course, argue that we are talking about the bizarre defect in the film. Still, the picture was taken 46 years ago, and then phototechnology was much more primitive than today. Most interesting is that NASA always retouched the images, removing artifacts, and here’s why-it did not process the frame. Maybe the hand was raised?

Maybe a little more. If we assume that Americans have never been on the moon (and this is proved and proved by the most reputable researchers), mystify they could and different anomalies on the natural satellite of the Earth for murder. That-that, and imagination in this matter the Americans have more than enough. If so, all the photos of the lunar missions – nothing more than a fake, and therefore need to consider them under a completely different angle…

Video: UFO found on photo of moon «a portal to another dimension»

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