The UFO phenomenon

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The UFO phenomenon is known for decades. For the first time this term appeared in the beginning of the last century, but in fact with the mystery people faced for centuries, just never before seen phenomenon called evil spirits. There is speculation that a prototype of some folklore characters are the pilots of UFOs.

Alien base in the neighboring space bodies

In the course of studying the neighboring celestial bodies, there are many cases when during the observations was recorded a strange phenomenon. Especially a lot of observations to do with the Moon and Mars. There are even photos and videos, which can distinguish strange formations and objects. Most of these phenomena was recorded by astronomers in the study of the Earth satellite. On its surface were observed moving objects of different shapes and sizes, as well as education, similar to the quarries, the ruins of buildings and cities. Ufologists explain this presence on the moon space alien bases.

Many mysteries is Mars, which at the time of the observations in the telescopes repeatedly observed the strange channels similar to man-made. With the beginning of the era of Mars Rovers that transmit detailed images of the planet Earth, inexplicably finds began to become more and more. So, repeatedly in the photos you can see the outline of a regular shape, similar to the remains of buildings, or aircraft. One in the picture is clearly visible the outlines of the subject similar to the spaceship partially buried in the sand. All these many data can say that the UFOs probably are on Mars.

The mystery of the «black Prince»

The famous Russian writer A. P. Kazantsev wrote the novel «Feety», which tells how in earth orbit appeared unidentified object from outer space, the study of which went to the Soviet cosmonauts. This story could be called quite ordinary for a sci-Fi novel, but few know that it could be based on quite real events.

According to some not quite official sources, in 1955 astronomers had spotted an object orbiting a planet. This happened even before we launched the first artificial earth satellite. This object had an oval shape and a diameter of about 10 m. the Name «black Prince,» he received thanks to the black color surface, which does not reflect light. Thus, to see the object in the background of the moon, or stars. According to calculations, this new satellite of the planet if launched from the Earth’s surface, it had to have the speed at take-off, inaccessible to the technology of those years. Either he had to get into orbit from outer space.

The same sources claim that in 1967 Americans were made the expedition to the «black Prince» with the aim of the study object. The crew consisted of 3 astronauts, with the Earth to ensure the secrecy or did not exist, or it was carried out by special channels. As a result, the alien craft was taken the mummy and a few artefacts. Their further fate is unknown.

This story may seem fantastic, but there are facts confirming this. For example, in 1967, the truth was carried out the launch of spacecraft «Apollo-4». The official version says that it was a training flight before the expedition to the moon, and it was executed without a crew. However, the real purpose of the flight could be classified. While still a mystery «the black Prince» does not rest independent researchers.

UFO base on Earth

In the world there are many mysterious places that can be used by extraterrestrial intelligence to their bases. The most suitable for this purpose are the ocean depths, the bowels of the earth, as well as some reservoirs. As a rule, such locations are difficult to reach or are notorious black spots.

So, the UFOs may be on the bottom of lakes Baikal, Haypo, Sarez, Cheremenetskoe. This assumption was the result of multiple sightings of unknown objects hovering above the water of these lakes, sinking under the water and emerges from it. In addition, the lake also often there are huge circles on the ice, visible even from space and glow in the depths.

As ufologists suggest that an unknown civilization has already mastered and underground areas of the planet. As proof, they cite the cases of fixing deep under the ground a huge hollow spaces of regular shape, of strange signals in different bands. So often people faced with the tunnels, built with obscure technology. In addition, a case where a U.S. seismic station repeatedly documented the movement under the ground at high speed objects.

All these data suggest that the UFO phenomenon, despite the fact that is not recognized by official science and the authorities, still exists and requires a detailed study.

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