Mystery Farini

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Загадки Фарини

There are many legends that describe a place whose existence is not proven. For many years adventurers and scientists were looking for them, but repeatedly fail. However, some people still manage to reach these mysterious locations, seeing them with my own eyes. One of these legendary places is the town of Farini, lost in the Sands of the Kalahari desert.

How did the legend about the city

For the first time about the strange ruins of the ancient city, located in South Africa, it became known from the famous traveler and showman, Farini, Gilarmi. This name is a pseudonym of the person actually called William Leonard hunt. He was very popular among the public thanks to its amazing show, which hosted for many years.

In one of such representations, Farini met with a native of the Kalahari, which has the idea to visit South Africa. So in 1885, he began his famous expedition, which would later become known around the world.

Almost a year later, he returned from a trip to the African continent and made a report to the Royal Geographical society. In particular, it became known that the members of the expedition were found the ruins of a city half-buried in sand. This information caused a stir among scientists, as it was assumed that this site was never built permanent structures of stone.

In confirmation of his stories, Farini well as provide some photos and sketches made by his son. This message was met with great interest among scientists. Later there was organized a few expeditions, but none of them reached the mysterious ruins found, Farini.

The situation was complicated by the fact that the exact location of this city was not known. It is worth noting that, Gilarmi, Farini gave approximate coordinates of their findings on your card, but then it turned out that it is not entirely accurate, so the right place could be anywhere in a relatively vast territory. Further complicating the search for and the terrain that represents the sand dunes, perekachivanie by the wind from place to place. The search for the remains in such circumstances is especially difficult, as the landscape can change pretty quickly.

Judging by the description of the traveler, the ruins had a total length of not less than a mile. The wall is partially destroyed and built of huge blocks that stretched in a semicircle, and inside there was a strange structure, with an oval base made of stone, with closely fitting joints. Some of them consisted of a single monolith and all were buried in the sand. One of these buildings was excavated, and the eyes of the travelers opened two paved inside of the oval stone walkways intersected at its center at right angles. Farini, suggested that the center could be a column, or any ritual object. Shape found the ruins can be distinguished on the photographs taken by the son of Farini, which was a great photographer.

Later on the motives of this journey was the book in which there is a mention about this strange city.

Thus, the mysterious city has become one of the legendary places to find the you dreamed of by many generations of adventurers, explorers and researchers.

Is there a town actually

Total elapsed time since the Farini city in the wilderness was organized a few expeditions. Was used in the search even aircraft, but the mysterious ruins were never found.

There are several hypotheses regarding the findings of Gilarmi, Farini. Some are inclined to believe that he just faked his discovery to attract attention, as its fame in these years was not the same as in the beginning of his career. The proponents of this theory emphasize that the people who lived in the area, never built permanent structures of stone.

However, it is worth noting that Farini did not put the Central event of his discovery, he referred to her as a traffic accident. Therefore, it is possible that he and his companions actually saw the remains of a mysterious ancient city.

Other researchers believe that the traveler took at the artificial masonry embankment of the mineral dolerite, which under the influence of weathering processes takes similar forms. But while searching these mounds, too, have never been found.

There is another version according to which, Farini actually saw some ruins, but then they were completely buried by dunes, and now find them almost impossible, as the desert terrain is constantly changing.

The possibility of the existence of such a city really is. In addition to the American traveler there are other evidence on the findings of the different ruins in this region, which subsequently did not lead to success. Therefore, it is likely that in South Africa there are the ruins of ancient cities built by unknown peoples living there in ancient times.

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